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[GIFTED] More Pizza T-Shirt

So you've got a friend (or sibling or boyfriend or husband) who never developed a refined palate.  Of course, that's a nice way of saying that they eat like a fucking six-year-old.  Chinese food?  No.  Sushi?  ARE YOU CRAZY?  A charming French bistro?  No thank you.  Moral of the story: you can never go to a nice restaurant because they only eat french fries and chicken fingers and pizza.  It's obnoxious.  

But, on the flip side, who's always up to go to McDonald's or Buffalo Wild Wings with you when you need to eat your feelings?  This guy.  Who's always down to order a pizza at 2am when you've had too many drinks?  That's right, this guy.  Snatch up this More Pizza T-Shirt ($24, Print Liberation) so he can wear his lack of culinary appreciation on his chest. 


[SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION] Awesome Back-to-School Stuff for College Students

Ah, the lazy, hazy days of back-to-school for college students.  

You observe the college student in your life—whether it’s your kid, your brother, your niece, your cousin—and think, God, I wish I was back in college. In college, your biggest decision of the day was what bar you were going to go to that night. In college, you could arrange your own schedule so that you didn’t have to wake up until 2pm if you didn’t want to. In college, you could sign up to “study abroad,” which really meant that you got really drunk in Madrid and reinforce why Europeans hate Americans. And yes, there are up-sides to being a full-fledged adult (I just can’t think of them right now), but man—do you wish you could shove yourself inside that kid’s mini-fridge and hang out for a semester or two.

You can’t do that, of course (not unless you want to be escorted off campus by school security), but you can relive your college experience by hooking up the young college-bound with some awesome back-to-school stuff. We rounded up 24 products that should be on every kid’s back-to-school list.  Read it here


[GIFTED] Drinking Coffee Together Mug

Morning rituals are very important to the identity of a couple, mainly because morning routines are so insanely personal.  Then, you fall in love with someone, move in with them, and as the great Robin Williams said in Good Will Hunting, "we let them into our weird little worlds."  So they find out that you like to run in place for 20 minutes like a psychopath every morning or that you rise at exactly 6:47am and spend precisely 13 minutes in the shower before applying an organic facial mask.  

As you grow as a couple, you choreograph your morning routines—one of you gets the shower first while the other eats breakfast.  Fighting over bathroom time is a thing of the past because you've both accepted the routine.  This Drinking Coffee Together Mug ($17 each, Old English Co.)—a perfect anniversary or wedding gift—immortalizes how long your morning routines have been synced (it also comes in "Drinking Tea Together" if that's more your bag.  GET IT?  TEA BAGS HAHAHAHAHA).


[GIFTED] Island Drifters Floating Sunglasses

You go to the beach, and everything's fantastic.  But then you get too hot and you want to go in the water.  Here, you face a huge dilemma.  It's sunny and you want to continue to wear your sunglasses.  But you don't want to lose your expensive Ray-Bans to the ocean.  So you solider on out to the water and spend the rest of the afternoon squinting.  White people problems, but a real problem nonetheless. 

Lucky for you (and ALL of us), some geniuses created FLOATING SUNGLASSES.  That's right.  These are sunglasses you can wear in the water, and if a rogue wave knocks them off your face, you'll find them floating right next to you.  Fantastic, right?  And so, in the waning days of summer, consider buying these Island Drifters Floating Sunglasses ($125, Hammock & Palms).  Your Labor Day weekend beach plans will be worry-free, and you'll be ready for next summer (or your wintertime, let's-get-the-hell-out-of-the-cold tropical vacation).  



Every article I write screams, “HAYYYYYY LOOK AT ALL THIS STUFF YOU CAN BUY!” I like to think my writing is not a consistent ode to consumerism as much as it’s a helpful tool to help people make their loved ones happy… by purchasing things for them. (OK, let’s try not to think about it too much.) Gifts make people happy; I write about gifts; ergo, I make people happy. You’re welcome.

The point of this particular post, though, is to showcase things you can buy for your loved ones that will not only make them happy by feeding their need to possess and covet physical objects, but will also make others happy. How? The companies behind these products are dedicated to giving back to a variety of charitable organizations, donating a portion of their product sales to various worthy causes.  So, buy up a few of these gifts that give back and make everyone happy. Even yourself. Even me.

Read it here.