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Merry Cast of Christmas Characters Cards

So you're adult enough to want to send out Christmas cards but you're not SO adult that you have a cadre of kids to feature on photo cards?  We've got the perfect in-betweener for you: Merry Cast of Christmas Characters Cards ($30 for 8, Pop Chart Lab).  

Featuring the merry faces of characters from iconic Christmas movies (Bill Murray in Scrooged, Bruce Willis in Die Hard, Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone, and more), everyone will delight in holiday nostalgia when they open this card from. PROTIP: write in the lines from the movies as your message, so you don't have to fill people in on your year (ie: still single, still at the same job, still shouldering massive student loan debt, still depressed over the election results, etc).  Here are a few suggestions:

To your brother: Keep the change, ya filthy animal.   

To your mom & dad: SANTA?! I KNOW HIM!

To your great aunt: Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker! (JKJKJKJK)


Weird Gifts to Freak Your Friends & Family Out 

When holiday gift shopping, you could go the route of thoughtful and heartwarming stuff—presents the recipients would love and cherish. Or, you could buy things so odd, sophomoric or ridiculous they elicit a hearty “What the fuck?” That’s more fun, isn’t it? Note: Don’t give any of these to your girlfriend unless you’re looking to be single on New Year’s Eve. Read it on Made Man


Gifts for History Buffs

When around a history buff, you are constantly barraged with “fun facts”about the Trail of Tears or working conditions during the Industrial Revolution, all of which are decidedly NOT FUN.  There is no Holocaust documentary on Netflix he hasn’t watched, no presidential factoid too random to mention, no book too massive or tedious to read and no museum not worthy of a visit during his next vacation.

Despite the constant eye rolling you find yourself doing and extensive bargaining with other family members about who has to sit next to him at dinner and hear him prattle on about the Louisiana Purchase, his extensive knowledge of world history has rubbed off on you no matter how hard you’ve tried not to listen to him.  Any time you know something you didn’t think you knew (something about the War of 1812 or the Cuban Missile Crisis), you can pinpoint it back to a hazy discussion you had with the history buff, probably against your will.  People around you are weirded out that you know so much about Millard Filmore, but they’re also kind of impressed. Thanks, history buff!

So, to honor this guy’s obsession with the past while helping him increase his knowledge of things that are old and irrelevant (or ARE THEY?), we’ve rounded up six gifts perfect for the history buff. Read it on Parade


10 To-Go Containers You Won't Mind Giving Away

You probably already own a few nice storage containers, but it's not like you're gonna start giving them away, along with all your Thanksgiving leftovers. It's bad enough you have to share the rest of your beloved stuffing with the flock of people who've made their way to your house. That's why you need some of these to-go containers that you wouldn't mind parting with. Check out 10 good ones on The Kitchn


Awesome Gifts for Your Dog

You spend so much time agonizing over what to buy your loved ones for the holidays that you often forget about the most important one on your list—your dog. Your dog will literally be happy with anything you get him, because dogs are always happy, and that’s reason enough to drop some cash on him, right? Forever grateful. Check out our picks for the very best gifts to buy Fido this year on Made Man