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[SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION] 15 Best Minimalist Watches for Men

As your style evolves (and you advance in your career enough so that you—hopefully—have more spending cash), you’ll realize that a man should have different types of watches for different occasions. A chunky chronograph or rugged field watch are great for weekend adventures, but a more understated, minimalist watch is more appropriate for work or for a nice evening out with your fiancé.

If you’re not lucky enough to have inherited an unassuming dress watch from your father or grandfather, don’t worry—we’ve rounded up the very best minimalist watches that will look great with even your most formal garb.  Read it on HiConsumption.  


[GIFTED] I'm So Pregnant T-Shirt


For any woman who's put on a few pounds, it is a legitimate NIGHTMARE for some idiot you haven't seen in awhile to come up to you and ask, "When's the baby due?"  But when you're pregnant, you're so excited that you want everyone to ask about it.

Why not send up a flare to everyone by wearing this I'm So Pregnant T-Shirt ($24, Hello Apparel)?  It'll also help you get a seat on the subway or get special treatment at the Froyo place or whatever food place you're frequenting now that you're able to give into every craving you have because you're not being fat, YOU'RE PREGNANT.  THE BABY NEEDS M&MS TO LIVE, OKAY?! 


[GIFTED] Pan Am Boeing 707 Bottle Opener

Whether you know someone who is a frequent business traveler or is a former (or current) pilot or flight attendant, this Pan Am Boeing 707 Bottle Opener ($135, Uncommon Goods)—made from an honest-to-god Boeing 707—will make the perfect gift.  Pan Am represents an era where flying was a glamorous treat and not a horrible, demoralizing endeavor. 


[SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION] 21 Best MacBook Cases & Sleeves

A case for your laptop falls under the “Wait, do I really need this?” category. It’s easy to talk yourself out of it. You’ve got a bag that will protect your laptop from the elements, and Steve jobs famously hated the cases and accessories that companies made for his products. He thought cases were bulky and messed with the design. But in all due respect to Steve, if you’re going to be lugging around something you paid over $1000 for, you want to make sure it’s protected.

And even when it’s shoved in your bag, there’s still dust and crumbs and pens and keys floating around in there that could potentially damage this important piece of technology that just happens to have your whole life on it. That’s why—around these parts—where fiercely pro-laptop case. We’ve rounded up 21 of our favorites to help you protect your MacBook while its in transit.  Read it on HiConsumption.


[GIFTED] Topo Coasters Set 

You've got a friend who plans his vacations around different national parks.  He's always talking about "natural beauty" and how he just can't wait to sleep in a tent and "become one with nature."  Sounds shitty. Whatever.  Everyone is a different, beautiful snowflake.  

Unfortunately, said friend can't spend all of his time living in a tree like a goddamned chipmunk, so for the times he's sitting on his couch at home sipping an IPA and reliving that one hike he took 3 years ago, this Topo Coasters Set ($39, Tom Will Make) will be the perfect companion. 

Crafted out of cork and carved to mirror the topography of places like the Grand Canyon, Death Valley, and Big Sur, it'll make the mountain man feel like he's on the trail.