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Get the Look: Barack Obama

After surveying the shitshow of this election season, the overwhelming sentiment towards Barack Obama has been, "Damn, I'm gonna miss that guy." We've spent 8 years having a cool, young, stylish President—one that plays pick-up basketball games and literally drops the mic at state dinners. Even in standard suits, dad jeans and golf shirts, Barry O's swag is undeniable. So in the last few months of his presidency, let's pour one out for one of our most stylish presidents ever. And though you may never be president, you can sure as hell learn something about how to dress (and how to act) from him.  Read it on Made Man


King of Beers Framed Print

As the craft beer revolution takes hold, beer is no longer regarded as the champagne of the blue collar set. And because beer is enjoying the premium cache it hasn't really ever had (despite every beer brand's best marketing efforts), guys like your husband are delighting in the fact that they can go virtually anywhere—including the fancy restaurant you insisted on going to for your anniversary—and get a beer without looking like a low-class dbag.  

So while beer has achieved a higher status, it makes sense that the "ode to brew" decorations in your house get an upgrade as well.  Trash the Bud Light paraphenalia.  Get rid of the neon beer signs that he's held onto since his bachelor pad days.  Swap them out with well-designed beer gear, like this King of Beers Framed Print ($37, Society6).  It looks so good, you won't relegate it to his man cave. 


[GIFTED] Vintage Game Set

You'll be on a family vacation and it'll only be a matter of time before someone older starts complaining about how all of the kids in the room are glued to their phones or tablets.  "Back in my day, kids played outside!" they'll say.  Of course, we all know that the phrase "back in my day..." is just code for "I'm old and I'm afraid that the world is leaving me behind."  And although you know the merits of kids staring into a screen all day are dubious at best, you're just happy the devices are keeping those damn kids quiet so you can enjoy your few days of vacation time in peace. 

But after the first few days of vacation, you get really relaxed.  Your phone ends up in the other room and you don't even care.  Your baseline alcohol level is healthy and you're officially ready to interact with the kids.  You instate a "no devices" rule and pull out this Vintage Game Set ($20, Uncommon Goods). Watch as your grandfather delights in teaching the kids how to play "pick up sticks," which is presumably a child's game that came out of extreme poverty (no iPads there, you guys!  We just had STICKS to play with!).  ARE WE HAVING FUN YET?  


[SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION] Best Fitness Gear & Accessories for Women

Seeing the incredible female athletes compete in the summer Olympics is nothing short of inspirational, so much so that you might even want to take up the mantle of becoming a lean, mean athlete like Katie Ledecky or Simone Biles.  Keep on dreaming.  But hey, even if your chances of achieving Olympic glory are about the same as getting your spouse to fill up the Brita pitcher after using it, we all could benefit from a little (or a lot) of exercise.

So, we’ve pulled together some of the best work-out gear to help you reach new athletic heights, even if Olympic gold is out of your reach.  Read it on Parade

[GIFTED] Neighborwoods Luggage Tags

Everyone is obsessed with "travel hacks" because traveling sucks and we'd like to think that the people who travel all of the time have figured something out that we haven't.  Sure, maybe they have some good tips, but in general, traveling is annoying and that's pretty much unavoidable, unless you want to stay in one place for the rest of your life or you're rich enough to fly private (call me).

One of the biggest pieces of advice you'll get about traveling is to buy luggage that stands out from the sea of black wheelie bags that are ubiquitous.  But who wants to buy hot pink luggage?  And truthfully, anyone who's really an expert traveler will tell you that you should avoid checking a bag at all costs, as it adds extra cost and time to your trip that's not necessary.  Here's a tip: in the times that you can't avoid checking a bag, don't opt for the obnoxious-looking Samsonite suitcase.  Instead, deck your bag out with eye-catching, unique luggage tags, like these Neighborwoods Luggage Tags ($20). You'll see 'em all the way at the end of the baggage claim conveyer belt, but you won't be embarrassed to walk through the airport with it.