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Knockaround Shark Week Sunglasses

It’s officially summer, which means it’s finally beach season again. You can knock yourself out buying all sorts of gear for your sun and sand escapades, but one of the most important things to have when you hit the surf is a pair of sunglasses. They not only protect your eyes from the sun, but make you look really cool, too.

While you may covet a high-end pair of the latest trendy sunglasses, when you’re heading to the beach (and beachside cocktails will be involved), you should consider a more affordable pair that won’t ruin your day if you, say, lose them in the water, or crush them when you sit down on a lounge chair.

That’s where Knockaround sunglasses come in—great-looking, good-quality sunglasses that are all priced at $50 and under; some are even an insanely cheap $10.

The brand just released its official Shark Week 2018 sunglasses ($35,, the fourth installment of an on-going partnership with Discovery, the folks who brought us Shark Week. The 30th anniversary of Shark Week kicks off July 22 but you can start celebrating now with these unique shades.

The glasses’ design is decidedly awesome, with shark jaws lining the lenses, guaranteed to get you compliments while you’re hanging out at the beach this summer. It’s the one shark sighting that won’t freak anyone out.

Even more awesome than the glasses themselves? A portion of proceeds from this years’ release will go to Oceana, the leading international conservation organization focused on protecting and restoring the world’s oceans. 

Originally posted on Parade.


13 Awesome Father's Day Gifts 

Dads come in all shapes, sizes and personalities (old, young, city mouse, country mouse, sports fanatic, techie—the list goes on) but there’s one thing they all have in common: dads are notoriously hard to shop for. That’s why when Father’s Day rolls around each year, we tend to flip out and buy a bunch of random items that he most likely doesn’t want or need. This year, let’s break the cycle. Buy Dad something he’ll actually use, or, even better, never knew he wanted until you gave it to him. Check out our picks on Parade.


6 Awesome Rosés for Summer Drinking

After weeks of false starts (at least on the East Coast), it looks like spring has finally arrived and summer isn’t far away. And you know what that means—drinkin’ outside! Nothing’s better after a long day of being trapped in the office than to head immediately alfresco and imbibe something cold and refreshing. While we’re partial to beer, rosé has become the star beverage of outdoor gatherings from coast to coast. So, we’ve rounded up six awesome rosés to make your outdoor drinking more rosy. Read it on Parade.


10 Awesome Gifts for Mother's Day 


Mother’s Day is a great occasion to stop and take stock in what a lackluster child you are to your mother.  You know it’s true.  These days, you barely answer the phone calls of the woman who gave you life, fed and clothed you, taught you things like how to use a spoon, or dispensed age-old wisdom that girls in middle school who were mean to you were “just jealous.”  Yeah, yeah—work’s crazy!  You’re soooo busy!  Get it together and buy her something ASAP!  This is your big chance to make up for being such a jerk.  And even though she deserves more—way more—than whatever you’re going to buy her, she’ll love it anyway.  She’d also love if you’d stop letting her calls go to voicemail.  Just sayin’.  Read it on Parade.


7 Best Bourbons for Your Kentucky Derby Party 

Anyone who knows the pain of going to a Super Bowl party exclusively for the drinks and snacks, only to find they’re trapped in a room with people who actually want to watch the game, will revel in the Kentucky Derby this May 5. Why? Because the entire race lasts less than five minutes, allowing you to focus on things you care about, like booze, and maybe fun hats. It’s truly the perfect sporting event for anyone who likes the idea of sports, but doesn’t want to watch or participate in them.

Since you’re focusing on everything other than the main event, you’ll probably find yourself deeply invested in the only thing more quintessential to the Kentucky Derby than horses—bourbon. With the infamous Kentucky Bourbon Trail is just down the road from Churchill Downs, it only makes sense that bourbon and the Derby go hand-in-hand. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best bourbons on the market to help you celebrate one of the shortest sporting events out there. Check it out on Parade.