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[SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION] Best Men's Sunglasses on HiConsumption

Summer’s around the corner, which means your calendar will soon be filled with beach vacations, backyard BBQs, outdoor weddings, and other social occasions that will (finally) place you in direct sunlight. But before the festivities heat up, you might want to buy a new pair of sunglasses. After all, they’re your most constant summertime companion, right?

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry—we’ve compiled 18 of the best sunglasses for men, whether you’re adding another quality pair to your collection or looking to finally purchase that pricey pair you’ve had your eye on for months. Read it on HiConsumption


[GIFTED] Mother's Favorite Card

Ask any mother of multiple children who her favorite is, and she always rebuff you.  "I love ALL of my children equally, OF COURSE."  Bitch is LYING.  Yes, mothers all love their children, but they don't love them equally. It's just a fact.  She's only human.  Just like you have a favorite co-worker or a favorite cousin, your mother has a favorite kid.  She can't help it.  Out of your siblings, one of you is bound to be more simpatico with your mother. One of you has more similar interests, calls her more, visits her more, whatever it is.  

So, if you know you're the favorite, get her this Mother's Favorite Card ($6, Moglea).  It'll piss off all your siblings, which is always the goal, right? 


[GIFTED] Break the Ice Cooler Bag

You never would have guessed that you'd be buying your mother a COOLER bag for Mother's Day, but the heart wants what the heart wants, and your mom's heart wants to be able to carry booze with her wherever she goes and have it still be cold when she wants to tuck into it.  Who can blame her?  She's 60+ and her life is finally her own after having to put literally everyone else first.  So if she wants to bring 12 beers to the beach or her "special" mimosas to your aunt's house (what makes them special is that they're made with champagne AND vodka), she's well within her right to.  You do you, mom.  Plus, there's nothing funnier than getting a drunk dial from your mom at 3pm on a Sunday afternoon.  Help facilitate her boozing it up with this Break the Ice Cooler Bag ($50, Kate Spade).  Just make sure she doesn't drink so much that she falls and breaks a hip.  No one wants that.  


[GIFTED] Ondo Rings


If you've got a lady in your life who is into mystical healing, I bet I can tell you what her stance on vaccinations IS. LOL just kidding just kidding just kidding.  Not really.  

Moral of the story: these Ondo Rings ($88, RabLabs) are gorgeous and crystal-ly and will be the perfect gift for anyone who has sung along too loudly during the "crystal visionssssssss" part of Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" or for whackjobs who believe that laying a crystal on your chest can cure cancer.    


[GIFTED] Mom Said So Tray



When you were a kid, there was nothing more infuriating than hearing the classic mom phrase "…because I said so."  Nobody but your mother and the president can get away with saying that shit to you.  And she said that shit to you A LOT.  The only thing she said to you more was "They're just jealous of you!" whenever anyone made fun of you or whenever you had conflict with anyone in any way.  Faulty Mom logic be damned, it got her through a hell of a lot of years dealing with your dramatic ass. That's why she'll cry and cry and cry when you gift her this Mom Said So Tray ($60, Kate Spade), emblazoned with all of the cliche things she would say to you when you were a kid.  It'll send the message, "Look mom, I WAS listening."