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[GIFTED] Boom! Sculpture 

Interior designers are always saying that a room needs a STATEMENT PIECE.  When you're young, you're all like, "Hey, does this folding chair and Doors poster count as a statement piece?"  But now that you're an adult, you need to up your home design game.  

This Boom! Sculpture ($280, Handmade Font) is made out of concrete, making it dude approved because it's TOUGH.  It would look great in the living room or in the office, if you're the type of person who celebrates any professional triumph by screaming the word "BOOM!"  You could make it your signature statement, even. 


[GIFTED] New York Food Maps

When you're visiting any iconic food city, there are a million places to get advice on where and what to eat.  Aside from the chorus of your friends telling you they had a "LIFE-CHANGING" meal at this place and "the best food evaaaaaaar" at that place, you've got the entirety of the internet, which is way too overwhelming. Eventually, you make a panicked choice and it's always hit or miss. 

For your next trip to NYC, take it offline and check out these New York Food Maps ($8 each, Flight 001), which provide analog advice on the very best doughnuts, burgers, and ramen in the City That Never Sleeps. 


[GIFTED] Butter Up Knife

I've been told (mainly by my mother and my girlfriend) that having a meal with me can be a TRYING experience.  Why?  Because enjoying a meal out with friends is one of my favorite things to do, and when people THAT I AM GIVING MY MONEY TO in order to do this fumble through and fuck everything up, I get pissy about it. 

Shitty service or shitty food, of course, are the most egregious of errors.  How can you enjoy your meal or your conversation if you're spending time desperately trying to make eye contact with your clueless waiter in order to ask for another drink or a condiment or whatever the fuck else you need in order to enjoy the meal you paid for?  And nobody's happy when your order shows up the wrong way because everyone just has to sit there waiting for your order to be corrected for the sake of being polite, and then you have to wave your hands in the air saying, "EAT EAT EAT" and then they do and your meal inevitably shows up after everyone's done and it's just honestly the worst.  These are the verbal complaint-worthy things. 

Then, there are the more bougie things that most people wouldn't notice and you would look ridiculous if you brought them up.  Like, for instance, being served a lovely bread basket with an ice cold brick of butter.  What are you supposed to do with that shit?

Thankfully, the folks behind the Butter Up Knife ($12) solved my white people problems, by creating a tool that allows you to conquer bricks of cold butter by gently grating it into spreadable pieces.  You probably shouldn't bring this to restaurants, though, unless you want to look like more of an asshole than I do.  


[SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION] 9 Awesome Gifts for Teachers

Teachers—they’re the ones who guide our nation’s children, the ones who are underpaid enough to take second jobs while pro-athletes and dumb celebrities get paid millions.  You start to feel bad for the raw deal they’ve been handed until June rolls around and they start bragging about how they’re off for the summer, or when September rolls around and they start complaining about summer vacation being over.  The last time you had summer vacation was when you were in college—TWENTY YEARS AGO. It’s fine, it’s fine.  They have to deal with our kids all day, everyday.

Teaching is often a thankless job, so it’s important to get the teacher in your life something special.  Something that says, “Thank you for molding the leaders of tomorrow while I go to my advertising job and try to sell people crap they don’t need.”  So, we’ve rounded up 9 gifts that are perfect for any teacher in your life.  Read it here.


[WHAT I BOUGHT] Exploding Dog Canvas

When my girlfriend and I started dating, we would always send each other links to Exploding Dog cartoons. I don't remember how it got started, but trading these drawings back and forth was a huge part of the beginning part of our relationship. We'd send this one to be flirty, this one to be romantic, and this one to apologize.  So when we found this You're My Awesome ($80, Nuvango) canvas, we had to buy it. 

The colors are super vibrant, and the fact that it's a stretched canvas instead of a framed print makes it feel more substantial than some of the other artwork we have at home.  I'm telling you—look into stretched canvases, you guys. Look INTO them.