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[GIFTED] Zombie Bunny Lollipop

So your brother's kind of a weirdo.  He's really into unwatchable experimental movies.  He's got a dark sense of humor, but not in the socially acceptable "dark" sense of humor, but the real dark sense of humor that makes conversation stop and makes everyone look for the nearest exit. 

You've become used to his weird quirks and are fairly certain he's not going to murder anyone anytime soon (at least you THINK so.  I mean, even John Wayne Gacy had a sister), so for Easter, you've decided to give him something he'll like this year.  Like a zombie-themed Easter basket featuring several of these Zombie Bunny Lollipops ($9, ThinkGeek).  Your mother will be outraged, but your brother will be delighted.  It's a good strategy.  Keep the weirdos happy. 


[GIFTED] Malvi Marshmallows

Peeps are all well and good, but if the theme of your Easter basket is artisinal (it should be), you really need to check out Malvi Marshmallows.  Why?  Because rather than just enjoying a marshamallow, you can enjoy a freakin' MARSHMALLOW SANDWICH.  That's right—Malvi takes homemade marshmallows in flavors like Raspberry Hibiscus, Spiked Espresso, Vanilla Salted Caramel, and Mint Chocolate and crams them between shortbread cookies.  

Your Easter basket, Easter brunch, or Easter anything will be eternally grateful.  Malvi's sampler pack goes for just $25 and includes 20 sandwiches in 5 different flavors.  Happy Easter, gluttons.


[SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION] The Best Chocolate to Stuff in Your Easter Basket 

Easter is upon us and your time is limited for assembling an Easter basket for your spouse/mother/kid. Easter baskets, of course, are traditionally filled with a bunch of candy, and maybe—if you were lucky—a few small gifts. You’re going to have to figure out the “few small gifts” situation on your own, but we’re going to help you out with the chocolate part. After all, you don’t want to run flailing into your local Rite Aid, grabbing up fake grass and 99 cent chocolates. You’re better than that. Your loved ones are better than that. If you’re going to give someone you love a basket full of sugar, shouldn’t it be the very best kind? Thought so.

We’ve rounded up the very best, most chocolatey chocolates to stuff in your Easter basket this year. It’ll blow those stale Russell Stover boxes out the window. Trust.

Read it on Parade.


[GIFTED] Dapper Rabbit Plates

You're hosting Easter brunch at your house for the first time.  Your mother, father, grandmother, and other assorted loud-mouth relatives will be in attendance.  You're going to make a quiche, and everyone is going to tell you that it's "a little dry."  You're going to dye Easter eggs and piss of your grandmother when you write anti-religious things on your eggs in white crayon, only for them to be revealed after the egg is dyed and after you have left the table because you became disinterested in the process. 

What better plates to serve Easter brunch that will surely offend your family in some way than on these Dapper Rabbit Plates ($8 each, West Elm)?  Look, grandma—a rabbit in a sweater!


[GIFTED] Chocolate Robin's Eggs

Easter is about a week away, but you don't want to go all out with a giant basket filled with enough candy to give the recipient early onset Diabetes.  You want your gift to be Easter-y, but understated.  You also don't want to spend a ton of money on it (way to go, cheapskate).

Look no further than these Chocolate Robin's Eggs ($8, Terrain).  They're classic Easter candy served in a nice glass mason jar, which makes you look classy and whimsical and Pinterest-y.  You know how much white women love their mason jars, right?  Of course you do.