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[GIFTED] I am Freaking Cold Sweatshirt

Okay, okay, okay—maybe the Juno Blizzard/Snowpocalypse/Snowtorius BIG was a bust for New Yorkers, but it doesn't matter.  We still got 6 inches of snow.  It's still fucking freezing out there.  So, this I am Freaking Cold Sweatshirt ($49, Thug Life Shirts) is the perfect garb for ya snow days, for the rest of this winter and for winters to come.  Now get back to your regularly scheduled Netflix and frozen pizza. 


[GIFTED] Box of Tools Set

When a newly-minted adult moves into his apartment, he thinks he needs a hammer, a screwdriver, and maybe one of those allen wrenches to put together all of his cheap IKEA furniture.  But as he matures, he wants the space he lives in to look nice, and “nice” doesn’t mean punching a hole in the wall on accident and then hanging up a movie poster over it.  Because of this, he’s realized that he needs more tools to work with.  He might need to saw something.  He might need a putty knife to patch a hole.  He might need to saw something.  That’s why he’ll love this Box of Tools Set ($120, Best Made Co.), which features steel-only tools that are made to last.


[GIFTED] Pantone Coasters

You’ve got a friend who’s an interior designer.  Whether she’s as obnoxious as the designers you see on Bravo or as down-to-Earth as the designers you see on HGTV (or as bold and brassy as the ladies on Designing Women), you can be sure of one thing: she spends huge amounts of her days choosing paint colors.  She’ll spend hours debating the merits of 25 different shades of white with her client.  It’s a skill.  And an exercise in patience.  That’s why she’ll appreciate getting these Pantone Coasters ($25, MoMA Design Store)—made to look like the paint chips she looks at all day, errday. 


[SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION] 20 Unique Onesies for Your Friend's Baby

There’s never a time in your life when you have to care less about the clothes you’re wearing than when you’re a baby.  No one has given that memo to new moms, though, who spend tons of time looking for cute “outfits” to dress their baby in.  Sailor suits, onesies that make gross jokes about bodily functions, giant brain-crushing headbands —they’re basically living out all of their childhood fantasies by dressing up a real, live baby.  It’s fine.  New moms are allowed to do whatever they want, mainly because no one wants to approach them because they are terrifyingly sleep-deprived and could GO OFF at any moment.  But if they’re going to dress their kid up in crazy outfits, they should at least be nice ones, right?

So if you're looking for the perfect onesie to give your friend, sister, cousin, friend or co-worker's baby, read on


[GIFTED] Joan Rivers T-Shirt

You never know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone, and with Joan Rivers, that’s very, very true.  A trailblazing comedian in the 70s and 80s, she got blacklisted by Johnnie Carson and became a caricature of herself—hawking jewelry on QVC and being cruel to celebrities on the red carpet.  Rodney Dangerfield was the comedian that was always harping about respect, but it was Joan Rivers that never got the respect she deserved.  But now that she’s gone, everyone realizes it.  Get this Joan Rivers T-Shirt ($32, Urban Cricket NYC) to pay tribute to that wonderful old bag.