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Under Armour HOVR SLK Pride Shoes

A lot of companies have been getting called out for capitalizing on Gay Pride Month by releasing rainbow-colored products and then disappearing into the ether as soon as July 1 rolls around (we're lookin' at you, Listerine), but Under Armour isn't one of those companies, which is why you can buy these awesome HOVR SLK Pride Sneakers ($120, Under Armour) without feeling like you're selling out. 

Under Armour has a proud history of supporting LGBTQ athletes and customers, with its LGBTQ Culture Club, Unified, and its financial support of Athlete Ally, a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring LGBTQ inclusion in sports. March in style, everyone. 


7 Fashionable Gifts for the Guy in Your Life

If you’re holiday shopping for a dude and you want to go the clothing route, it doesn’t matter whether he’s already dapper and fashion-conscious or if you’re trying to make him dapper and fashion-conscious. There are pieces you can buy for him that will up his style game, and everyone around him will be appreciative. Check out our suggestions on Parade.


8 Stocking Stuffers They'll Actually Keep 

Christmas stockings can be filled with tiny treasures purchased over the course of the year by a thoughtful gift giver, or they can be filled with whatever garbage a frantic purchaser threw into their shopping cart at the last-minute, careening wild-eyed through the aisles of their local CVS.  If you’d like to be the first person described in this scenario, ensuring the stockings that are hung by the chimney with care by someone who actually cares, pick up any of these gifts to stuff in there. The recipient is guaranteed to keep these items, instead of chucking them into the trash the minute you leave the room. Read it here.


8 Amazing Gifts for Food Snobs & Cooking Aficionados

You might order takeout five times a week or faithfully patronize the frozen section of your grocery store, but—and I know this is hard to believe—there are people who love food so much that they love to make it. All the time. Like, almost every night. Sunday afternoons and evenings are reserved for big projects, like making pasta from scratch or attempting to make Japanese-restaurant-quality sushi rolls.

But when it comes to gifts for the food snob, there are two ways to go. Gift them really nice cookware, or buy them really nice ingredients to cook with. Then just sit back and hope for a dinner party invitation.  Read our suggestions here.


Jazz Up Your Emmys Viewing With Cocktail Courier 

This Monday marks the 70th annual Emmy Awards, and smug, unlikeable hosts aside, it's always a great night of honoring the entertainment that's a part of our everyday lives—TV.  And even if you aren't throwing an Emmys party and are instead planning on watching it from the couch with your significant other in sweats (like you always do), you should do something special to mark this momentous occasion in TV history.

That's right—you should drink!  Ketel One has paired up with Cocktail Courier (and master mixologist Charles Joly) to create Radiance, a cocktail dreamed up specifically for Emmy night.  The best part? Unlike a lot of other cocktail boxes that require you to buy your own booze (damn liquor laws!), Cocktail Courier includes everything you need to make the cocktails. The Radiance Kit ($50), includes vodka, liqueur,  mixers, bitters, and the like—to mix up two bangin' cocktails at home.