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[GIFTED] Carlsberg Beer Beauty Set 

How do you make your boozy, beer obsessed brother (or boyfriend) get into grooming when he rejects manscaping and uses the word "metrosexual" pejoratively?  You put BEER in his grooming products.  The people behind Carlsberg (the beer) have created the Carlsberg Beer Beauty Set ($70) that uses its beer in the shampoo, conditioner, and lotion.  What are the health benefits of beer, exactly?  Who cares?  You do?  Shut UP.  

[GIFTED] Need More Weekends Framed Print

As your summer comes to a close, you start to reflect on what you managed to cram into three months.  All of the backyard BBQs, all of the weddings, all of the long weekend trips to somewhere near the ocean—it was a lot.  But was it enough?  No, it's never enough.  Even if you were a champion of summer, you always have one weekend trip that you wanted to take but couldn't end up swinging it.    

Let's just say it.  We need more free time and less days at the office.  We need more drinks with old friends and less drinks with clients.  We need to spend less Saturdays and Sundays doing chores and running errands because we're too exhausted and overworked to squeeze them into a Tuesday night.  We need more weekends.  

This should be our credo. Hang this Need More Weekends Framed Print ($55, Furbish Studio) in your workspace to remind yourself.  


[GIFTED] The Botanist Gin

If you have someone in your life who is an actual botanist, or just someone who is really, really into gardening, the The Botanist Gin will be the most appropos gift you can give to them.  

Crafted on the Isle of Islay in Scotland, the gin features 22—count 'em, 22—wild botanicals found locally on the island (hence the name).  Pretend you give a shit about plants and maybe they'll let you drink some of their gin with them.  It's a win/win situation.   


[GIFTED] Portable Fireplace Candle

You live in a big city, and because of that, you pay a premium to live in a hovel with no amenities.  Back home, the apartment you rent would go for around $200.  In your city, it goes for $2,000.  Your mother likes to remind you of this fact NOT INFREQUENTLY.  "You could live in a mansion at home for what you pay in New York," she says.  Can you get pancakes delivered at 2AM back home, though?  I didn't think so.  

REGARDLESS, you learn to make do with less even as you continue to pay more.  "Who needs a patio, we've got a fire escape!" you say.  "I like going to the laundromat, it gives me time to think AND practice my Spanish," you claim.  "An elevator isn't necessary, climbing six flights of stairs keeps me young!" you'll say, slowly, through labored breathing.  

All of this is bullshit, of course, but what are you gonna do?  Face reality?  Nahhhhhh.  Continue the charade with this Portable Fireplace Candle ($65, DS & Durga), which will make your tiny apartment smell like a French ski chateau.  OOH LA LA. 


[GIFTED] Mujjo Laptop Sleeve

If you're traveling for business, you're lugging your computer aroud constantly.  And while Macbooks are made to stand up to all of the abuse you give it, it's still a $1,500 machine that has your whole entire life on it, so maybe you want to treat it a little bit nicer?

"Treating it a little bit nicer" can start with investing in a nice laptop sleeve, like this Mujjo Laptop Sleeve ($66).  On face value, a laptop sleeve might seem like a bougie thing that's unnecessary, but once you start using it, you'll never want to go back.  And treating your belongings nicely feels good, I swear.