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[GIFTED] F Bomb Paperweight

Everyone knows that one person that doesn't hold back.  They don't drop F bombs, they drop truth bombs, and they never let you forget it.

A baptism, a funeral, a doctor's office, a playground: nothing's gonna stop their fucking game.   

Personally, I am a big proponent of the work "fuck," mainly because I don't know any other way to simultaneously convey my anger and enthusiasm (ie: "This fucking blows!" and "This is fucking awesome!").

Pick up this F Bomb paperweight ($50, Uncommon Goods) for the trashy, foul-mouthed jerk in your life.

They'll fucking love it.  


[GIFTED] Miansai Bracelets

Refinery 29 put together a round-up of awesome bracelets from jewelery designer Miansai, calling them "friendship bracelets." 

1. Hooked Bracelet, $55

2. Half Rope Cuff, $155

3. Beacon Bracelet, $95

4. Leather and Silver Hooked Bracelet, $60

I think they're great, but allow me to call them what they are: LESBIAN BRACELETS.

Tell me I'm wrong: they're made out of bungee cord.  This is probably why I like them.

Whatever, I hate stereotypes.  I have to go fix my car and then eat hummus, bye.


[GIFTED] Anything Alarm Clock

What's that, you say?  You don't want to drop $350 on an alarm clock?  

You can pick this Anything Alarm Clock ($69, Matter) up for much cheaper, and guess what? 

It'll still wake you the fuck up and you still won't be very happy about it, just like any other alarm clock.    

Enjoy the morning, guys. 


[GIFTED] Puzzle Dinner Tray

Remember puzzles?  They were what children played with before they turned into video game-playing drones who shoot up their high schools.  My six-year-old cousin has a Blackberry, so it's very doubtful that she would be impressed by this puzzle dinner tray ($58, Switch Modern), but you never know, right?

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