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[GIFTED] Jack Spade Cloth iPhone Cases

How big of a d-bag am I for spending over $100 on an iPhone case?  The answer?  The biggest d-bag in the world.  Like, Bernie Madoff level d-bag.  I know this.

You can dress up your iPhone for less with these new Fabric iPhone Cases ($40 each, Jack Spade).  Look at how preppy, look at how stylish.  You are a champion. 


[GIFTED] Sera Dopp Kit

Yes, everyone, I've been making quite a lot of Disney movie references, but how can I not when this Pochahontas-esque toiletry kit finds its way to my inbox?

Girlfriend, you can paint with all the colors of the wind (or, failing that, all the colors of Maybelline) and store it all in this nice Sera Dopp Kit ($49.50, Hammocks & High Tea).


[GIFTED] Literary Art iPhone Cases

Oh, what's up nerds?  You love the classics so much that you want everyone to know?  Now you can, with these Literary Art iPhone Cases ($35, Uncommon Goods).  Be aware of this, though: if you put the cover of The Catcher in the Rye on your iPhone, it will automatically become an "iPhony." 

See what I did there?  I made a LITERARY JOKE.  JEALOUS?


[GIFTED] Fucking Love You Print

What's that you say?  You're dead inside?  The minute after you say something emotional, you follow it up with a joke?  Join the club!

But, despite the fact that you're emotionally retarded, you've tricked someone into being in a relationship with you.  Now you're faced with having to talk about your feelings.  ALLLLLLLL OF THE TIME.

When it comes to gift giving to your beloved, you have two choices: you could stare deep into your lover's eyes, breath heavily, tear up and softly say "I love you," or you could get real and hand them this Fucking Love You Print ($35, Etsy).  Your choice.


[GIFTED] Grid Pillows

For the record, I'm not a big fan of pillows.  You walk into someone's living room, you try to sit down on their couch, and you're moving about 700 pillows just so you can sit comfortably. 

I think this stems back to when I was younger, when I had about 15 "dress pillows" on my [wicker] bed.  Every night, I'd have to spend 45 minutes taking all of the pillows off the bed and putting them neatly aside.  Then, the next morning I would have to make the bed and assemble Pillow Mountain once again.  Even at 5 years old, I knew this was tedious.

I think we can all draw the conclusion that this is why I hate pillows and it's also why I have not made my bed in probably about 9 months.  However, these Grid Pillows ($35, Henry Road) could ease my aversion.  But not by much.