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[GIFTED] Gas Station Tin Numbers

Typically, I hear the word "vintage" and I think of two things: 1. expensive and overpriced and 2. douchey. 

But these vintage gas station numbers ($35 each, Henry Road) are neither of those things.  I want, I want, I want.  


[ETSY] Beer Lover Kitchen Towels

Beer and typography may be two weird things to love, but let's face it: I'm a weird person. 

This set of kitchen towels from Nesta Home will only set you back $40, and they'll look great sopping up the spilled beer from your power hour party fowls.


[Etsy] John W. Golden Collection

I am absolutely, completely, totally obsessed with nearly everything in John W. Golden's Etsy shop.  He sells brightly-colored prints featuring quirky phrases, robots, rockets, and more, but what really caught my eye are all of his art blocks, like the Hoods on Wood ($18). 

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[GIFTED] Banana Boys Bottle Stoppers

One day, your friend who may or may not be an alcoholic will become a fully-functioning adult that will not finish an entire bottle of wine in one sitting.  When that happens, she'll need a wine stopper. 

This Banana Boys Set ($38, Switch Modern) is one of the better ones. 

Get on it.  The wino's waiting. 


[GIFTED] Fish Hotel

Everyone has that weird uncle who has the Red Lobster-sized aquarium in their home.  It's trashy and ridiculous, mainly because fish are the most pointless pets in the world.  Here's a tip: when choosing an animal companion, don't pick something that you flush down the toilet when it dies.

But, if they're going to continue to waste their time with a fish, at least pick up an interesting home for them.  This Fish Hotel by Teddy Luong ($30, Unica Home) should do the trick.