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[ETSY] Bakelite Business Card Holder

When I got my first real job, my father bought me one of those golden businesscard holders that are only used by douchebags.  I can't hold it against him, he thinks I am a powerful lady performing powerful lady business, and his view of what I do all day is probably summed up in this Saturday Night Live sketch

Needless to say, I don't carry that thing around.  This Bakelite Business Card Holder ($20) is a cooler version of that. 

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[GIFTED] iStuck iPhone Holder

The other day, I saw a commercial for an iPhone for $49, which frankly, made me want to jump out the nearest open window. 

Since the value of tiny pocket computers has gone down so significantly that I no longer fear using them on the A train, this iStuck iPhone holder ($12, Fred Flare) is more than appropriate.  Let's pretend to stick old gum on an expensive, advanced piece of technology.


[GIFTED] Ace Bottle Opener 

You probably stopped carrying around a bottle opener a few years after you graduated from college, but that doesn't mean you can't pick up this bottle opener ($20, Kikkerland) for your immature friend or your little brother who's graduating high school. 

Bonus: it's slim enough to fit in your wallet, if you're a guy or a lesbian. 


[GIFTED] Owl Kitchen Timers

You know that obnoxious person.  The one that doesn't use recipes or measuring cups or timers.  You can't make Rice-a-Roni without studying the box for 45 minutes, but this bitch can just throw together a souflee without even trying.  It's the kind of effortless existence that makes you want to kill someone.

Buy these Owl Kitchen Timers ($23, Kikkerland) for anyone who is the complete opposite of that person.  The one that's a disaster in the kitchen but wants to up their cooking prowess.  


[ETSY] Dear Colleen Dishtowels

UK designer Dear Colleen has these "Dishes I'd Rather Be Doing" towels with five celebrity heartthrobs drawn on them.  They're funny and clever and only $5 a piece.  My only objection is that I have to disagree with the choice of Owen Wilson.  Mainly because that dude looks like he got bashed in the face with a frying pan.  Heartthrob, my ass.  

via Got Hungry Eyes 

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