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[GIFTED] Bios Urn

You've spent years hearing your parents go back and forth about what they want to happen when they die. Your dad wants to be buried with a full traditional Mass, your less-religious mom either wants to be cremated and have her ashes thrown out to sea.  Or, if your mom is like my mom, she says, "I don't care, just throw me in a dumpster or something" (see where I get it from?).  

If someone you know is kind of "iffy" about the whole "what are we gonna do with my body" thing, here's an idea: Bios Urn ($145), which uses your ashes to help grow a tree, which is a nice way to honor the departed and continue their life after they're gone.  


[GIFTED] Dear Husband Magnet 

Traditional gender roles aside, if you're in a relationship, you find ways to divvy up the household chores, hopefully as fairly as possible.  One of you likes cooking but hates doing the laundry, so person A gets their meals cooked for them constantly while person B has clean socks and underwear without having to go to the laundromat.  Sounds good, right?  Teamwork makes the dream work!

HOWEVER, life is friggin' hard.  Sometimes we get sidetracked and our unofficial duties slip through the cracks.  But even the most understanding partner will get all "WTF" on you when they see that they have no clean underwear for the week or no dinner to be had.  I'M HOLDING UP MY END OF THE BARGAIN, WHY AREN'T YOU?, they're thinking.  

Welllllllll—it is what it is, right?  Hang up this Dear Husband Magnet ($9, Meriwether) and remind your partner that hey, you tried, but sometimes he's gonna have to fend for himself. 


[GIFTED] Wilson Brass Keyring

When you were young and broke, things like keychains mattered about 0% to you.  Here's what you had on your keyring: a bottle opener, your gym member key card, a million keys that you really no longer need to hold onto but you keep on your key ring because they're so friggin' hard to take off, and some dumbass keychain you got when you were drunk on Spring Break.  

But now that you're getting older, you want to be surrounded by nice things, especially if you subscribe to the whole "everyday carry" philosophy, which basically amounts to the thought that if you use something every day, it should be high-quality and something that you genuinely like and appreciate.  SO, if you're looking to ditch the shitty keychains of your youth in favor of an upgrade, look no further than this Wilson Brass Keyring ($15, Modern Anthology).  Made out of solid brass, its simple closure allows you to swap keys in and out easily, and the colorful rubber bit on the end adds a little stylistic flair to an otherwise utilitarian piece. 


[GIFTED] Incognito Flask

Picture it: you're going to the beach.  You've got a ton of shit to lug there—chairs, coolers, umbrellas, towels, books/magazines that you won't read, etc.  You've got a ton of beer and food, but you want to bring something else to whet your whistle.  Maybe some tequila, for instance.  Maybe some FIREBALLLLLLLLLL if you really want to have a shitshow on your hands. But you don't want to add to the weight by bringing a glass bottle.  Introducing the answer to this alcohol-on-the-go conundrum: the Incognito Flask ($7, Vapur). Lightweight and durable, this guy holds up to 10 oz of liquid (that's 10 shots for those of you playing along at home) and collapses down to nothing when empty.  Things are about to get rowdy. 


[GIFTED] Fries!

As we get older, our tastes tend to get more refined.  You used to love to down whole bottles of Snapple Pink Lemonade but now you can't stomach how sickly sweet it is.  You used to hate spinach and now you think it tastes pretty damn good when sauteed in olive oil with a little garlic.  Life is weird, and so are our tastebuds. 

But there are some people for whom this phenomenon doesn't exist.  Their eating habits never graduated from the preferred dinner of eight-year-olds (french fries and chicken fingers).  You spend a lot of time coming up with restaurant suggestions whenever you get together because this person won't eat [insert delicious ethnic food here].  But, listen—you can roll your eyes as much as you want, but when it comes down to it, you can't REALLY argue with this fact: fries are delicious.  Pizza is delicious.  Chicken fingers are delicious.

So, embrace the infantile eating habits of your stupid friends and enjoy the simple things in life, like french fries, hot out of the fryer.  Sit together and pore over Fries: An Illustrated Guide to the World's Favorite Food ($11, Amazon) and tell him how right he is and how wrong you were about kale chips.  And, hey, if you want to make french fries fancy, just add some truffle to it.  TRUFFLE FRIES.  SO ADULT.