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[GIFTED] Neighborwoods Luggage Tags

Everyone is obsessed with "travel hacks" because traveling sucks and we'd like to think that the people who travel all of the time have figured something out that we haven't.  Sure, maybe they have some good tips, but in general, traveling is annoying and that's pretty much unavoidable, unless you want to stay in one place for the rest of your life or you're rich enough to fly private (call me).

One of the biggest pieces of advice you'll get about traveling is to buy luggage that stands out from the sea of black wheelie bags that are ubiquitous.  But who wants to buy hot pink luggage?  And truthfully, anyone who's really an expert traveler will tell you that you should avoid checking a bag at all costs, as it adds extra cost and time to your trip that's not necessary.  Here's a tip: in the times that you can't avoid checking a bag, don't opt for the obnoxious-looking Samsonite suitcase.  Instead, deck your bag out with eye-catching, unique luggage tags, like these Neighborwoods Luggage Tags ($20). You'll see 'em all the way at the end of the baggage claim conveyer belt, but you won't be embarrassed to walk through the airport with it.  


[GIFTED] Bull Dog Mug 

If you have a dog obsessive in your life (you definitely do), a perfect gift for that pyschopath is this Bull Dog Mug ($17, Fishs Eddy), which allows her to start her day getting caffeinated while acknowledging and enjoying her dog obsession.  And hey, we're equal opportunity around these parts—there's also a cat mug.  


[GIFTED] University of Dating Diploma Card

It takes a gargantuan amount of effort to get from your first date to your wedding day (unless you're the type who rushes into things).  You have to go through the fun "getting-to-know-you" stage.  You have to navigate the "meet-the-friends" test and the even more rigorous "meet-the-parents" test.  You have to move in together and not kill each other over bathroom and sleeping habits.  You have to deal with all of the obnoxious bullshit that goes into planning a wedding, get into fights about table runners and "your sister's attitude" and still come out wanting to marry each other on the other end.  

That is a longggggg-ass road. And although it's way more work than any degree you've ever gotten, this University of Dating Diploma Card ($5, Emily McDowell Studio) is the perfect wedding card that acknowledges the work you put in to graduate from dating to married.  Mazel. 


[GIFTED] Bios Urn

You've spent years hearing your parents go back and forth about what they want to happen when they die. Your dad wants to be buried with a full traditional Mass, your less-religious mom either wants to be cremated and have her ashes thrown out to sea.  Or, if your mom is like my mom, she says, "I don't care, just throw me in a dumpster or something" (see where I get it from?).  

If someone you know is kind of "iffy" about the whole "what are we gonna do with my body" thing, here's an idea: Bios Urn ($145), which uses your ashes to help grow a tree, which is a nice way to honor the departed and continue their life after they're gone.  


[GIFTED] Dear Husband Magnet 

Traditional gender roles aside, if you're in a relationship, you find ways to divvy up the household chores, hopefully as fairly as possible.  One of you likes cooking but hates doing the laundry, so person A gets their meals cooked for them constantly while person B has clean socks and underwear without having to go to the laundromat.  Sounds good, right?  Teamwork makes the dream work!

HOWEVER, life is friggin' hard.  Sometimes we get sidetracked and our unofficial duties slip through the cracks.  But even the most understanding partner will get all "WTF" on you when they see that they have no clean underwear for the week or no dinner to be had.  I'M HOLDING UP MY END OF THE BARGAIN, WHY AREN'T YOU?, they're thinking.  

Welllllllll—it is what it is, right?  Hang up this Dear Husband Magnet ($9, Meriwether) and remind your partner that hey, you tried, but sometimes he's gonna have to fend for himself.