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The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck 


You're not one for touchy-feely self-help garbage, so whenever you find yourself nodding along to an article on the internet about how to live your life better, chances are, it's written by Mark Manson.  A blogger and self-help guru, Manson rejects positivity and embraces realism, acknowledging challenges and giving tips on how to conquer them for real.

So if you want to make 2017 the year you really start to change your life, Manson's The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck ($15, Amazon) is the book for you.  Manson drops truth bombs throughout, and it'll surely help you get into the mindset to make 2017 a kickass year.    



HASHTAG GOALS, EVERYONE.  This is a phrase started by "the kids" on social media, usually referencing a photo of a celebrity or celebrity couple they aspire to be like (because Kylie Jenner and her gigantic lips are SUCH fantastic role models LOL KILL ME).  It's nice to have someone to look up to until you get into adulthood, when you realize there's really no good heroes.  Everyone is just a person, struggling through shit, just as dazed and confused as everyone else.  Some are just better at hiding it than others.  And so, #GOALS becomes more realistic.  You stop aspiring to be rich and famous and create more easily achievable goals for yourself: go to the goddamned gym once and awhile, get a new job that pays more and doesn't make you miserable, eat a VEGETABLE for fuck's sake, etc etc.  

So as we're sailing out of the shittiest year in modern history and into 2017, it's important to create these #GOALS for ourselves. After all, you want to be the best possible version of you before we all get put into camps or die from a nuclear bomb blast, amiright?  I AM DEFINITELY RIGHT.  Make some #goals, buy yourself this #GOALS Mug ($18, Prep Obsessed), put it on your desk at work, and use it as a reminder to achieve some of those #goals this year, once and for all.   


Weekends are for Waffles Mug

During the week, your mornings are rushed.  You do everything standing up.  You take frantic sips of coffee as you're running around the house getting ready.  You inhale a bowl of oatmeal or whatever sludge you've decided passes as a healthy weekday breakfast (a fashionable green shake, anyone?).   

But on the weekends, all bets are off.  Two days a week, you (hopefully) get to wake up on your own, without an alarm.  You can wander to the gym, if you feel like it, or sit in bed and look at your phone for 45 minutes. You can luxuriate in making a real breakfast, one you don't get to have during the week.  Something delicious and unhealthy, like WAFFLES or Eggs Benedict.  Have endless cups of coffee in this Weekends are for Waffles Mug ($16, Nylon) and enjoy your morning, at least 2 days out of 7.  Shitty odds, but you gotta grab happiness wherever you can find it.  


The Tetris Effect

Even though Tetris was released over 30 years ago, judging by the sheer amount of people I see playing it on the subway in current day New York City, it's still got everyone hooked.  There's even an archival picture of Hillary Clinton playing it on a Gameboy that's been trotted around recently (it's no surprise to me that Hillz likes Tetris, a game in which you get satisfaction from putting bricks into orderly piles).  So if you know a Tetris devotee (or you ARE one) decades after it came out, you're probably just obsessed enough to want to dig into the game's backstory, which is expertly detailed in The Tetris Effect ($20, Amazon).  Enjoy, nerds.  

Rhetoric Coffee

When you first moved to a big city after college, you had absolutely no problem throwing a huge amount of money away everyday at your favorite local coffee shop.  Your hipster transformation began as soon as you rejected Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts as too pedestrian, in favor of more expensive, fair trade mocha loca choca concoctions.

"I am a cool city person now," you'd say to yourself every morning, handing over money you didn't have for a $6 latte.  Suddenly, you were wearing more and more flannel.  You were wearing "fashionable" glasses that were once worn only by child molesters.  Then you moved into your late 20s and realized that you have been working for almost 10 years and have no savings.  Your hipster coffee addiction (as well as other nighttime vices) has cost you any semblance of a nest egg you might have had if you just drank the brown sludge they gave you for free at work.  

You decide to tighten the belt to start saving the money you should have been saving all along.  You look yourself squarely in the mirror and say, "Hey!  No more fancy coffees, you spoiled asshole!  You need to make your own coffee at home and take it to work in a travel mug like every other suburban loser!"  

BUT, just because you've decided to be more economical and make your coffee at home doesn't mean you have to sacrifice taste.  You can get yourself a Rhetoric Coffee Subscription (starts at $15 per month) that delivers fresh, unique roasts directly to your door each month.  Bonus: each bag is screen-printed with an original piece of art commissioned from comic book artists.  You might not be able to go to your hipster coffee shop anymore, but original comic book artwork on the bag of beans you're going to brew at home is pretty damn obnoxious (slash awesome), right?