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Last week, I was featured on Wantist's recurring "Give & Tell," where bloggers and various gift aficionados talk about gift giving.  As usual, my answers were inappropriate and vaguely disrespectful.  The good news?  Wantist's lovely founder didn't edit them and STILL wrote a flattering discription of me. 

Here's a quick sampling of the jerky things I said:

"When my father bought a sailboat a few years ago, my mother and brother became unwilling “First Mates” in my father’s nautical fantasy life. All they want to do is stay on land and watch TV, but this “life at sea” has been thrust upon them, and there’s nothing they can do about it. This Black World Map will serve as a reminder to my family of the vastness of the open water, and also of all of the places they can’t actually sail because they are so inept."

"I’m not political, but what I am is a jerk. If I lived in the 1920’s, I’d be referred to as a “rabble rouser.” That’s why this Barack Obama on a Bike print that espouses his “Yes We Can” catchphrase would be a great gift for all of my conservative relatives."

Read the whole article here.



Are you tired of all of these goddamned gift guides?  YOU BETTER NOT SAY YES, I WORKED SO HARD ON THEM.

But, because I am absolutely insane and can't say no to anyone besides my loved ones, I have been doing some guest posting all over town. If you're looking for more golden material from yours truly (why wouldn't you be?), check out the following:

1. My guest post on Stuff Hipsters Hate, the Tumblr that launched 1,000 eye rolls (and a book deal!).

2. My Kids Gift Guide on Daily Worth.

3. Brooklyn-specific Gift Guides on F'd in Park Slope.



[GIFTED] You're Welcome Cards (YES, AGAIN)

Hey, remember when I announced that I'm selling these awesome You're Welcome cards for only $9.99?

Well, here's a photo from someone at MTV Studios who decided to get creative and paste the card on the back of his computer at work.  Now, anyone who comes into his office to ask him a dumb question or generally act like an ungrateful dbag will be met with this message: "YOU'RE WELCOME, JERK."


Here are some other scenarios where you could use them:

1. Send the card to an ungrateful relative whom you went out of your way to help, but they couldn't be bothered to say a simple "thanks" in return.

2. Post the card above your bed to remind your ungrateful lover about all of the sacrifices you're making (and the TV you're missing) in order to pleasure them.

3. Post the card on your refrigerator to remind ungrateful roommates of all of the times you've cooked delicious meals for them only to be "thanked" by getting your beers stolen. 

The common theme here is "ungrateful."

The common cure is "buy my goddamned cards."



Happy Black Friday, jerks! 

If you've wisely avoided the throngs of idiots out at 2AM trying to get a "good deal," you should do two things:

1. Read the gift guide I wrote for Glamour.

2. Get ready for 12 Days of Gift Guides starting on Monday.



DailyWorth is an awesome website that was launched in 2009 to give smart, forward-thinking women a go-to resource for financial advice.  Recently, I teamed up with them to produce some gift guides for them; the challenge, of course, being that I would have a spending limit of $50.

As someone who once spent $375 on a dinner (shut up, it was a special occasion, sort of, maybe, whatever), this was a little tricky.  Nevertheless, I pulled it off.  Mainly because I am a CHAMPION. 

Check out the first guide here.  It's a gift guide for guys who are living in the past (aka: it has a Retro theme).