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[SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION] 20 Mother's Day Gifts Under $50

Your mother. She gave you life. She dealt with your awkward phase. She dealt with your hormonal teenager phase. Your troubling college drunkenness. Your "gay phase."  Your “I’m quitting the first real job I’ve ever had because it doesn’t inspire me” phase.  The very least you can do for this woman who birthed you only to have you give her an 18-year-long migraine is to pony up some cash for a decent Mother’s Day gift this year.

So, I've rounded up 20 Mother’s Day gifts, all under $50. No more macaroni necklaces. You’re an adult. Read it here.


[SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION] Gifts for Your Mother, the Gardening Obsessive

Your mother has reached a certain age, and has finally retired. That means she finally has the time to do everything she always wanted to do, but never had the time for! She’s got big plans. She’s going to sail around the world in a hot air balloon or take up calligraphy or start her own pet neutering business! Then, after she actually settles into retirement, she realizes two things: 1) she’s not going to do any of that crap and 2) there are A LOT of hours to fill in a day. So, she has two choices: start working on a drinking problem, or take up gardening.

Luckily for you, she decided it would be better for everyone if she took up gardening rather than making a habit of drinking at 11 AM. It’s a good hobby for her to have—she gets outside and she stays active. Just get ready for your next visit home—girlfriend’s gonna start pushing bruised tomatoes and twisted cucumbers on you as soon as her “harvest” comes in.

So, I put together a bunch of gifts your gardening-obsessed mom will love and can’t wait to throw in the dirt (this is the only scenario where that would be a compliment). Check 'em out here.


[SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION] Gifts for Your Mother, the Wannabe Sailor

Nobody has embraced the nautical trend like your mother. Never mind the fact that the last time she was on a boat was on that weird dinner cruise for your Aunt Diane’s 50th birthday—girlfriend loves everything nautical. Anchors? Yes. Ropey bracelets? Of course. Something with a scary octopus on it? Sure. If it has something to do with the sea, she’s into it. It’s gotten to the point where she either wants to live on a boat forever, like a sailor (or like the guys in that “Brandy” song), or she wants to live under the sea, like The Little Mermaid.

Trust me on this: you do not want your mother trying to enlist in the Navy. Instead, encourage her nautical obsession with these maritime Mother’s Day gifts.

Read it here.


[SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION] Made Man Spring Break Packing List

Too often, spring marks the beginning of the how-the-hell-did-I-get-so-many obligations season. It can seem like every weekend is booked with some sort of activity—some fun (friend stuff), some excruciating (family stuff), some that could go either way (weddings). Regardless, you don’t want to spend even more time packing.

I've started a recurring series on Made Man, where I put together the ultimate packing list: one weekend, one weekender bag—everything you need. The first edition tackles Spring Break, where you can round up some buddies, round up some beers, and head somewhere with a beach and limited cell service. After this winter, you deserve it.

Read it here.



Spring break: the week in which you can cast your inhibitions aside to do some regrettable things at a beach bar and/or in a jacuzzi owned by not you. Are you too old for this? Probably. But as your life gets busier and busier and filled with more obligations and less enjoyment, Spring Break is the perfect excuse to gather up some equally exhausted friends and try to recapture your youth on a beach for a long weekend. Cue the Macklemore and Pitbull—it’s time to plan a ridiculous Spring Break weekend.

I’ve put together a list of Spring Break essentials that should definitely find their way into your beach bag.  Read it here.