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[SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION] Gifts for Coffee Obsessives on Made Man

Everyone likes coffee, but not everyone is addicted. While you're having a few cups to get you through the day, the coffee addict is making an alarming amount coffee runs. When he's not in line at the coffee shop, he's sitting jittery at his desk.

So, I rounded up everything the coffee addict will love—awesomely-designed mugs, ridiculously strong brews, the best coffee makers, and even caffeinated shaving cream (yes, it's a thing). Read it over on Made Man


[SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION] The Coolest Bar Gear on Made Man


So the artisanal cocktail craze has made you realize you enjoy imbibing on something other than beer. What you don't enjoy? Paying $12 for one of 'em.

So, I rounded up 16 items that will help you become a bona fide bartender at home, and it's over on Made Man in it's full glory.  The Swiss Army knife of bartending tools, ice sphere molds, fancy bottle openers, and more.  Check it out.


[YOU'RE WELCOME] 23 Oscar-Winning Movie Posters

It's Oscar season, so I’ve put together a round-up of artfully-conceived, Oscar-winning movie posters—starting with Gone With the Wind (winner in 1939) all the way up to Argo (winner in 2012).  Of course, not all movies that won the Best Picture Oscar are represented here. Surprisingly, not many people want to hang up posters of How Green Was My Valley (winner in 1941) and Driving Miss Daisy (winner in 1989). Who knew?

Check it out over on Parade.


[SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION] January/February Issue of Every Day With Rachael Ray

Oh, heyyyy.  I did a round-up in the January/February issue of Every Day With Rachael Ray Magazine of the coolest, kitschiest kitchen timers in alllllll the land.  Pick up a copy and check it out.



Ho, ho, ho, mofos!  We're DANGEROUSLY approaching the holidays, and that very sentence has probably made you break out into hives.  How the hell are you supposed to figure out what gifts to get everyone while still going to work and trying to have some semblance of a social life? 

Chill out (and get some lotion for those hives).  It's almost time for 12 Days of Gift Guides—which will provide you a PAINSTAKING amount of gift suggestions—and THIS YEAR, I am pulling out all of the stops and offering up bonus gift suggestions in the weekly e-newsletter.

This week's e-newsletter features a round-up of 20 Non-Schmaltzy Holiday Cards, and you'll never get to see them unless you sign up.  That's right—valuable gift suggestions that you won't see unless you subscribe. 

What are you waiting for?  


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