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10 Cute Finds for Hard-Core Egg Lovers

Almost everyone likes eggs — they're an easy breakfast and a good source of protein — but there are certain people who love eggs. These people firmly believe that everything (literally everything) is better with an egg on top. Is that you?  For all the huevo devotees out there, we've rounded up 10 eccentric, egg-centric finds. Each one will either put those egg-loving ways on display for all to see, or help make the egg-eating process easier and way more fun. Read it on The Kitchn


10 Fun Finds to Get Your Cabinets More Organized

If you tend to open your kitchen cabinets with a sense of trepidation because you're never sure what's going to fall out on your head or feet, it's time for an intervention.

Don't feel too bad: Kitchen cabinets can quickly turn into a messy black hole — a place where things go in and never seem to come out, unless they're avalanching. What can you do? Invest in some cabinet organizers. We've rounded up 10 of them that will make your kitchen (and your life) run more smoothly. Read it on The Kitchn


10 Beautiful Breakfast Bowls

Have you heard? Bowls are the new plates. It's true. Everything from smoothies to grain-filled dinners are being served in bowls these days. While you've always eaten your soup and cereal out of bowls (you're not an animal!), you may find yourself reaching for them far more often — especially if you've been eating more yogurt lately.

If that's the case, using the same old dish over and over (and over) again can get old. Like, really old. Do yourself a favor and get some new bowls to help fun up your routine — and the look of your kitchen cabinets. Maybe one (or some) of these?  Read it on The Kitchn


8 Foodie Piggy Banks

If you're a lover of food, you probably spend most of your money on meals — whether it's your fondness for the taco truck, your penchant for fancy cocktails, or your desire to eat at the newest, hottest restaurants.  Why not save up by using one of these appropriately food-themed piggy banks?  Read it on The Kitchn


Best Bloody Mary Mixes

If you're someone who loves to #brunchsohard, you know about the magical, mystical powers of Bloody Marys.  Half cocktail, half meal in a glass, Bloody Marys have the power to cure hangovers, serve as a meal stand-in, and allow you the ability to drink at 10am without getting disapproving stares from various loved ones.

But when it comes to drinking (and creating!) a good Bloody Mary, it's all about the mix.  Some too thin and watery, some so thick all the pepper and horseradish gets caught in the straw and makes it impossible to drink—if you're on the hunt for a great Bloody Mary, it really comes down to the type of mix being used.  It's the reason why no two Bloody Marys are the same.

So, we've rounded up the very best Bloody Mary mixes so you can craft your own perfect Bloody Mary at home. And while Mrs. T's and V8 can work in a pinch, we're going a bit higher brow and hipster with our mix choices. After all, what's more hipster than brunch?  Nothing (well, except maybe old timey moustaches). Read it on Parade.