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Our Favorite Pantry Products from IKEA

When it comes to finding inexpensive storage solutions for your home, IKEA is a great place to start. The same is true when we're talking about pantries, specifically. The last thing anyone wants to do is spend a ton of money on stuff that's gonna get hidden away in a tiny room that very few people will ever see, right?

The pantry solutions at IKEA are affordably priced, smart, and not terrible to look at (should guests end up hanging out in your pantry during your next dinner party). Here are our favorites—and all of them happen to be $10 or less. Read it on The Kitchn


9 Awesome Gifts for Pizza Lovers 

Everyone loves pizza—whether you’re tucking into an artisanal pie at some hipster restaurant or scarfing down a single slice on a street corner, it’s satisfying, cheap, and easy to get everyone on board with when making meal time decisions. But even in its universal appeal, there’s a specific group of people who don’t just love pizza, they’re straight up obsessed with it.  These are the people who think of pizza as its own food group.  These are the people who have a slice of pizza tattooed to their bicep.  And because of that, these are the people who would appreciate any of the 9 gifts we’ve rounded up, specifically for them.  Read it on Parade.


Prepare iPrep Tablet Stand

If you're a fan of cooking from online recipes, you've probably gotten your fair share of schmutz on your tablet as you pick it up to refer back to the recipe, mid-prep, without clean hands. Sure, you could stop to wash your hands each time you need to check in on your next move, but that takes up precious time — and when the garlic is starting to burn, that's just not in the cards.

 A good solution? This Prepare iPrep Tablet Stand.  Accommodating iPads, Kindles, Surfaces, and just about any other tablet device, the adjustable stand allows you to orient the gadget however you like to view it (whether vertical or horizontal), so your recipe is viewable the entire time you're cooking. The accompanying stylus pen allows you to interact with the screen without gunking it up, and the non-slip rubber grip base will keep it in place on any work surface you have.

Originally posted on The Kitchn.


Willow & Everett Cold Brew Coffee Maker 

The popularity of cold brew coffee has reached a fever pitch in the last few years. Once a specialty drink only available at super-fancy coffee shops, you'll now find it nearly everywhere.

You've heard (again and again) that it's better on your wallet if you make your own coffee at home, and there are huge advantages to making cold brew, specifically, at home. Chief among them is that the very nature of cold brew coffee lends itself to easy morning prep; you just have to make a big jug of it at the beginning of the week and you're good to go each morning.

Thinking about making the plunge? Check out this cold brew coffee maker from Willow & Everett.

A best-seller on Amazon, the glass carafe (which boasts a 32-ounce capacity) has a stainless steel dual filter that provides a great brew while keeping coffee grounds out of your finished product. The filter is removable, making it easy to clean, and the airtight seal keeps your coffee fresh for up to two weeks.

One of the best parts (aside from great coffee)? Willow & Everett was founded by veterans, and they give 10 percent of their profits to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Originally posted on The Kitchn.


9 Delicious Gifts for Martini Lovers

Everyone has their go-to drink, but people who love martinis are a special kind of breed. They want something a little more special than a glass of wine or a beer, but they’re definitely not interested in whatever custom artisanal concoction that appears on the elaborate cocktail menu (you can take your elderflower and shove it, they say—it’s much too fussy for them).  In short, they want something classic, ice cold, and super-savory. Martinis check all those boxes and then some, which is why it has remained a popular drink order (just ask James Bond) amongst people from all walks of life.  Martinis also include a bunch of olives, rivaling the Bloody Mary as one of the only cocktails that comes complete with a snack (perfect when you’re tying a few on at happy hour, pre-dinner).    

Have someone in your life who loves martinis? We’ve rounded up a bunch of gifts perfect for them.  Pair any of these with a bottle of vodka or gin, and they’re guaranteed to love it (and probably incite an impromptu cocktail hour on the spot). Read it on Parade.