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10 Thermoses for Your Soup 


After the holidays come and go, the realization that you have to freeze through another two months with no holiday cheer to keep you warm takes hold. You wear 32 layers and trudge to work wondering why you don't live in a warmer climate.

How do you keep yourself warm during these gray, snowy months? Soup! Soup is the answer. Make up a big batch and bring some to your dinner table, bring some to your couch, and bring the rest to your indoor fort. (Yes, we strongly urge you to build an indoor blanket fort!)

Because soup isn't the most portable thing in the world (spills!), we've rounded up 10 awesome thermoses that will prevent leaks, keep your soup hot, and serve as a vessel for you to eat out of. All you need now is some soup. Read it on The Kitchn


10 Fleur-de-Lis Finds to French-Up Your Kitchen

The fleur-de-lis symbol has been used for centuries in royal coats of arms, ancient architecture, flags, and more. Go to Europe and you'll spy them all over the place (especially in France and Florence). It's even an adopted symbol of New Orleans, a city majorly influenced by French culture.

Add some fleur-de-lis into your kitchen and you may think you're in Provence and not Poughkeepsie. How Julia Child of you! Read it on The Kitchn


10 Great Steak Knives for Any Budget

Do you love steak? I mean really, really love steak? If yes, you know that a good steak knife is just as important as the cut, the perfect sear, and that extra pat of butter on top. You want your steak knife to glide through your meat, you want your steak knife to look good on the table, and you don't want your steak knife to cost too much money.  Check out these sharp finds that are a cut above the rest, ordered from least expensive to a little splurge-y. Read it on The Kitchn


Get the Look: Grammys Edition

The Grammys, which air on Sunday, celebrate all kinds of different music—it's why such a weird combination of different artists are always in attendance. Only at the Grammys can Kanye West, Luke Bryan and some jazz singer you’ve never heard of be honored at the same time. So, we’re celebrating the top music men who are nominated this year—and showing you how to snag their style. Read it on Made Man


10 Oven Mitts Cute Enough to Wear Outside

Oven mitts serve a very specific, singular purpose in the kitchen. That's why it's easy to overlook them, buying the cheapest ones you can get your hands on. But think about it: You probably use your oven mitts as much as other tools in your kitchen, so why not buy ones that look nice?  We've rounded up a handful of oven mitts that are so cute, you might just want to wear them outside. Hey, it's cold out there, right? No judgements. Read it on The Kitchn