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Taco Dreams Mobile

When you have a baby, you have a lot of hopes and dreams for them, but in general, you probably have a desire to have them be just like you, or, at least a little like you (unless you hate yourself).  Having a kid is at least partially an exercise in vanity, right?  I mean, come on, the world's population is way too high, so it's not like you're procreating to ensure the survival of the human race—you're doing it because you want to point at a kid that looks like you and acts like you and say, "I made that."    

So, maybe you have a kid and you hope that he also grows up to love muscle cars and Mexican food.  Good news: when the kid is little, you have 100% influence over him, so you can start sowing the seeds of creating your own little mini-me early.  This Taco Dreams Mobile ($48, Uncommon Goods) will almost certainly create a junior guacamole lover.  Who can stare up at tiny tacos, avocados, and bottles of hot sauce without wanting to dig in?  Nobody. 


Animal Swim Caps 

Swimming lessons can be hard for a kid with an aversion to water, and if you're NOT the kind of parent who's technique is to just throw your kid into the pool and let them figure it out themselves, you're probably looking for a way to make the experience more fun and less scary.  With these fun Animal Swim Caps ($10 each, Finis), your kid will be the talk of her local Howard Johnson's swim class, and maybe give her some incentive to get into the pool. Godspeed.    


[GIFTED] Started from the Belly Onesie


One of the unique pleasures of having a new baby is being able to dress it up in whatever the hell you want, and because of that, there's no shortage of hi-larious onesies for babies to act as living billboards for their parents to amuse themselves and the people around them with.  This Started from the Belly Onesie ($27, Skreened) certainly fits the bill, and everyone will laugh and laugh and laugh and the baby wearing it will develop a complex.  

[GIFTED] Stop Motion Claymation Kit 

If you've got a budding filmmaker in your midst, you're not going to go wrong with gifting her this awesome Stop Motion Claymation Kit ($20, Uncommon Goods).  Recommended for kids 8 and up, it comes with all of the things necessary to make a claymation video with your phone.  Show the kid The Nightmare Before Christmas for inspiration and see what she comes up with.  You'll be hailed as a hero for encouraging her creativity instead of buying her the CD of some overly-sexualized teen idol.  Score.   


[GIFTED] Personalized Storybook Pillow

Your friend is having a baby.  Everyone is going to show up to the shower with cutesy shit.  You don't do "cutesy" very well.  When everyone is "ooohing" and "awwwwing" over a diaper bag or a stupid flowered headband, you will be silently stuffing mini cupcakes into your mouth.  It's okay.  You just have to show up with a killer gift, and a killer gift that will blow everyone's baby blankets and onesies out of the water is this Personalized Storybook Pillow ($120, Uncommon Goods).

Made to ape a children's book cover, the pillow is fully customizable and the baby's parents are listed as the authors.  Okay, maybe you can muster an "awwwww" for that.