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The weather is getting warmer, and your calendar is getting filled with activities that involve spending time outdoors.  And if you're planning on spending any of your time outdoors boating, kayaking, or swimming, you're gonna wanna get a CreekKooler ($180, Kanooler Products).  A floating cooler that will hold up to 12 cans (with plenty of room for ice), the CreekKooler is perfect for any water-based activity you're doing where you want to have a cold one in your hand (read: all of them).  You can tether the cooler to your boat to save space inside, or you can just have it float around in your pool, making your own make-shift swim-up bar, right in your backyard (it even has build-in drink holders in the top of it).  Cheers to nice weather.   

Mary Poppin Bottles T-Shirt

Mary Poppins: the nanny of all nannies, the British lady who single-handedly got two kids to clean up their rooms by merely singing a song, transported them into cartoon fox hunt with a random Cockney chimney sweep by somehow jumping into a chalk drawing, used a clever bit of reverse pyschology to get them to go to bed (the song "Stay Awake," of course), and educated the kids' banker father about the evils of capitalism like a young, beautiful, more realistic Bernie Sanders.  The guy was named MR. BANKS for Christ's sake, but somehow she got him to give up on money and go fly a friggin' kite.  What a miracle worker.

You wanna be as big of a badass as Mary Beyonce Poppins?  You can try.  First step?  Wear this Mary Poppin Bottles T-Shirt ($28, Buy Me Brunch) and stuff your giant bag with bottles of alcohol instead of a full-sized hat rack and then sing "Spoonful of Sugar" when everyone's taking shots.     


In-Law Dinner Candle

There are a million fancy scented candles on the market, but "ocean breeze" or "campfire smoke" or "mountain lake" aren't really the scents that fit your life.  The scents that fit your life are more like "at work and hating life" or "sad dive bar" or "dinner with your in-laws."  Why not call a spade a spade?  

Stock your home with candles that make more sense for you, like this In-Law Dinner Candle ($20, Whiskey River Soap Co.) that smells like unseasoned pot roast and a heaping size of tension under the surface. Mmmmmmm smells like Sunday.  



Things almost always look better from up above and this gorgeous coffee table book, Overview ($26, Amazon) proves that in spades.  So if you know someone who loves beautiful landscape photography, is obsessed with flying, or is just a big fan of the Bette Midler song, "From a Distance," this is the perfect gift.  


Saent Button

You constantly read a billion articles about how you can a.) be more productive, b.) make the most of the time you have, and c.) develop a better work/life balance.  But when it comes down to it, there are just too many distractions.  You sit down at your desk and work with a big mug of coffee and think, "I am totally going to be focused and finally get this thing done."  

But then your fingers mindlessly type or into your browser.  Then you lose 15 minutes looking at pictures from somebody-you-don't-even-know's baby shower.  Or, you get a notification that someone emailed your personal Gmail and you go look at that, because that's more fun than work email.  This is how you end up never feeling like you've gotten anything accomplished, so you seek out productivity articles and feel like shit about yourself, wash and repeat to infinity and beyond.  

There's a better way.  With the Saent Button ($59), you have a physical button you can place on your desk that you can hit whenever you want to have an uninterrupted work session.  You set up whatever "banned" sites or applications you want to stop yourself from using, and set how long they'll be blocked for.  You can have intensive, power work sessions throughout the day and end up feeling more and more accomplished. Look at you!  You're a bona fide responsibility champion.