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[GIFTED] Fish Hotel

Everyone has that weird uncle who has the Red Lobster-sized aquarium in their home.  It's trashy and ridiculous, mainly because fish are the most pointless pets in the world.  Here's a tip: when choosing an animal companion, don't pick something that you flush down the toilet when it dies.

But, if they're going to continue to waste their time with a fish, at least pick up an interesting home for them.  This Fish Hotel by Teddy Luong ($30, Unica Home) should do the trick.  


[GIFTED] Ultra-thin Clock

There are people in life who are exceedingly laid-back.  So laid back that they don't wear a watch, because time really doesn't matter to them.  Your sister is not that person. 

Only psychopaths feel guilty for "sleeping in" until 9AM on a Saturday.  She is a psychopath. 

Indulge her inability to relax with this clock from Mxyplyzyk ($45).

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