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[GIFTED] A Woman's Place Sweatshirt 

I'm sure there's one thing we can all agree on during this election season—everything is a certified, 100% SHITSHOW.  It's so bananas that stories like Donald Trump's campaign manager assaulting a female reporter barely registers anymore.  Remember when we thought Sarah Palin was as bad as it got?  LOL forever.  

But however you feel about the possibility of a woman in the White House for the first time (here's a fun game: mention the name Hillary Clinton to your parents and see how quickly they scream "LIAR!!!!"), you agree that more women in politics is a good thing, RIGHT?  You better.

And because you agree with that, you agree that this A Woman's Place Sweatshirt ($35, Wicked Clothes) is freaking awesome.  Send one to your favorite Congresswoman, or any female friend who's got political aspirations.   

[GIFTED] Ted Weekender Bag 

Spring has sprung, and if you're lucky, that means that you're gearing up for a summer full of long weekend trips so you can get the hell out of dodge (aka: the city where garbage roasts itself on the hot pavement). And for all of those weekend plans, you need a solid weekender bag.  

One that's roomy enough to fit a weekend's worth of stuff, but not big enough to not be able to be slung over your shoulder as you're running to catch a train or fit in the back of your buddy's car next to a cooler full of beer.

This Ted Weekender Bag ($108, MRKT) fits that bill and then some.  Made out of sturdy wool felt, it's unique but rugged, meaning it'll stand up to whatever your summer weekends throw at it (a lot of booze, probably).    


[GIFTED] Panic Attack T-Shirt

I thought I could be clever, but the very best description of this Panic Attack T-Shirt ($25, Josh Lafayette) is already in the description of the maker's website: "What do we have? ANXIETY! When do we have it? FOREVER!"  

So good.  Show your spirit for being on Team Panic Attack by wearing this shirt.  The best places to wear it might be: the airport, an important work meeting where you'll have to contribute to the presentation, or to bed, because panic attacks don't only love to show up at important public moments, but also exactly when you're trying to get some sleep.  Go team!     


[GIFTED] Vacation Sweatshirt

There's piles of research that shows that the cure to what ails most people is very simple: a goddamned vacation.  Feeling restless?  Vacation.  Feeling stressed?  Vacation.  Feeling tired and overworked?  Vacation. Feeling like you're frittering away your youth in an office?  Vacation—one where you spend 80% of it outside.

Since vacation is almost always the right answer, it'll be good to invest in this Vacation Sweatshirt ($62, ILY Couture).  Think of all of the Instagrammable moments you'll have while wearing this—on the plane, having a cocktail on the balcony of your hotel room, and every other douchey pose you can think of to make your non-vacationing friends green with envy.   


[GIFTED] No Likes Pin

If a scientist hasn't already produced a study about how we're all addicted to procuring likes on social media, then I'm sure there's one in the works.  Where social media is concerned, you've done one of two things:

1. You've opted in to all of the social media alerts on your phone that let you know whenever some political opinion you posted on Facebook incited a heated debate between your liberal friends and your conservative extended family or whenever that douchey vacation photo you posted to Instagram got a bunch of hate likes from your followers.

2. You've turned off all alerts so you can savor the bright orange pop-up trumpeting that you've gotten 14 likes in the 30 minutes you've not been looking at Instagram on your phone. 

Either way, we're all like meth addicts, and our phones are our local Methadone Clinic, doling out metered likes so we can get our next fix and not hate ourselves for 30 seconds. 

Break the cycle.  Wear this No Likes Pin ($10, These Are Things) and let everyone know that you've gotten no love and ain't nobody gonna get any love out of you. Or, just wear it in an ironic way and get compliments from your hipster compadres.