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Cat Coin Purse

Cat obsessives will shriek with joy when you gift them with this Cat Coin Purse ($3, Choies), which they can stuff with their cash and credit cards and look forward to getting endless compliments at either the Cat Cafe they frequent or the pet store they spend too much money at (organic food and extra cat toys ain't cheap).   


[GIFTED] Wilson Brass Keyring

When you were young and broke, things like keychains mattered about 0% to you.  Here's what you had on your keyring: a bottle opener, your gym member key card, a million keys that you really no longer need to hold onto but you keep on your key ring because they're so friggin' hard to take off, and some dumbass keychain you got when you were drunk on Spring Break.  

But now that you're getting older, you want to be surrounded by nice things, especially if you subscribe to the whole "everyday carry" philosophy, which basically amounts to the thought that if you use something every day, it should be high-quality and something that you genuinely like and appreciate.  SO, if you're looking to ditch the shitty keychains of your youth in favor of an upgrade, look no further than this Wilson Brass Keyring ($15, Modern Anthology).  Made out of solid brass, its simple closure allows you to swap keys in and out easily, and the colorful rubber bit on the end adds a little stylistic flair to an otherwise utilitarian piece. 


[GIFTED] Plane Industries Bags

If you know someone who spends a lot of time traveling, it's a good bet that they can tell you the small details that distinguishes one airline from another one.  Which airline has the most space in coach (JetBlue), the best snacks (JetBlue), the best frequent flyer program (Delta), always has private TV screens in every seatback (JetBlue), [typically] has the friendliest attendants (Southwest)—the list can go on forever.  

So when someone knows air travel so intimately, it makes sense for them to travel with something that has a piece of the plane (and we're not talking about the SkyMall catalog or the blanket you stole). Plane Industries Bags take old airplane seats and upcycles them into bags (and other accessories like phone and tablet sleeves).  It goes without saying that they're TSA-approved.   


[GIFTED] Leather Charging Wallet 

Here's a fun party trick: ask someone what percentage of charge their phone has to fall below in order to make them anxious.  You'll learn a lot about them.  The people who say 80% and under are completely addicted, the people who say 50% and under are moderately addicted, and the people who say they don't feel anxious at all (and are kind of relieved when their phone finally dies and gives them freedom from constant contact) are LIARS.  

Regardless of how anxious you get about your phone's dwindling battery life, being out and about and not having a functioning phone is a problem we all can relate to.  How will you be able to meet up with people? How will your girlfriend keep tabs on you?  How will you possibly even stay alive without checking your Instagram feed once per hour?

So, to answer this universal problem, there are now hundreds of portable chargers on the market.  Some are better than others, but even if they're small, they require space in a bag, which means they're great for women, not so great for guys who want to go to the bar with just their phone and wallets in tow.

Well, never fear—this Leather Charging Wallet ($120, Nomad) has a charger built right into a regular leather, slim-fit wallet.  When your phone is low on juice, you just open up your wallet, plug in your phone, and get charged up.  No accessories needed. 


[GIFTED] Roadtrip Shirt 

If you live in a big city, it's likely that you've become accustomed to living a car-less life (AND/OR a CARELESS life LOL).  You tell yourself that it's easier to rely on public transportation.  No traffic to worry about.  No car or insurance payment.  No watching your alcohol intake or begging someone to serve as DD on a Saturday night.  No having to move your car from one side of the street to the other side of the street to adhere to draconian street cleaning rules.  All of these things are legit positives, HOWEVER, having a car offers the freedom of movement that you just don't get riding the God-forsaken subway.

So, with that in mind, maybe it's time to start planning a summer roadtrip.  Sucker a friend who has a car into driving.  Drive across the country and stop at every weird thing you see on the side of the road and eat a ton of garbage food that you buy at truck stops.  Wear this Roadtrip Shirt ($21, Human) the entire time like a douche.  Scream '90s hits at the top of your lungs and have real talk with your buddy and maybe cry a little.  You'll come back recharged, refreshed, and ready (maybe) to buy a car of your own.