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[GIFTED] Cast of Vices Jewelery

Well, this collection sure brings new meaning to the word "drug ring," right? LOL OMG.

No, seriously, remember the last scene in Cruel Intentions when they're coming out of Ryan Phillipe's funeral and Sarah Michelle Gellar's father discovers that she keeps her coke in her crucifix necklace?  AWESOME.  

Why hide your vices?  Wear your heart on your sleeve and your addictions on your chest!  This Cast of Vices jewelry collection is all kinds of awesome.  Do you think they have an Intervention collection? 

Via Bleach Black


[GIFTED] Font Clock

Every morning, you get into a fight with your alarm clock. 

It goes off at 5AM because you're trying to trick yourself out of sleep.  You see 5AM, turn it off, and think, "Yes, one more precious hour of sleep left."

Then, it goes off at 6AM.  You're supposed to get up and go to the gym.  You start bargaining with yourself, because you know that you that if you don't go to the gym, you can sleep until 7:30.

"I'll go tonight after work," you say, as you turn off the alarm and roll over.  

You won't go.  You're lying to yourself.

Break promises to yourself and loved ones in style with this Font Clock ($345, Matter).     


[GIFTED] Blow Up Bamboo Basket

True confessions: I always thought that when I got my own apartment that I would have super-modern decor.  

Sharp angles!  Glass everything!  Black everything!  Back like my heart!

Unfortunately, when it comes to design, I am finding that I have an inner hippie just begging to get out (probably because she wants some weed. Just kidding, I did that once and it was STUPID). 

Check out this Blow Up Bamboo Basket ($112, Switch Modern), which is about as close to wanting to hug a tree as I'll ever come.  This is a big deal for someone who considers staying at the Hampton Inn as camping. 

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