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[GIFTED] La Via Lattea Cheese Knife Set

You guzzle down cans of Coors Light, but your friend is a wine and cheese snob.  Like, a BIG wine and cheese snob.  The type who specifically pairs certain cheeses up and swirls the wine around in their glass like a pretentious dbag.    

If you want to get them something they'll love forever, pick up the La Via Lattea Cheese Knife Set ($400, Switch Modern). Bonus points: it looks like a serial killer's toolkit. 


[GIFTED] Arrow Light Fixture

Perfect for a swinging singles pad or sex dungeon this Arrow Light Fixture ($250, Etsy) lets you know exactly where the party is. 

That's right: in your bedroom, on your twin bed, with a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of Tequila with the lights off.


[GIFTED] Bodum Tyrkat Grill

You know what would go really well with your brand-new Condiment Gun?  This fucking killer Bodum Tyrkat Grill ($179.95, CB2), that's what! 

Take it from someone like me, who has no storage room in her apartment and has to keep her giant grill in her kitchen, next to the refrigerator like she's on welfare: you want something that looks nice. This guy certainly does.


[GIFTED] Guns, Germs & Steal Wallets

A friend sent me these brass wallets from Guns, Germs & Steal, mainly because she knows how much I love money and gangsta vernacular.

They're $120 and they come engraved with several different phrases, included "Fuck money, get bitches," "I need a dime," "Money ain't a thang," and more.  You can get the interiors lined with several different textiles, including denim, serape, leather, and plaid.  

Is there a secret compartment to keep cash hidden from your pimp?  Not sure.  This is the perfect gift for your very white friends who look like they would love Taylor Swift, but instead love Notorious BIG.


[ETSY] We Can Do Hard Things Sign

Just a reminder.  Really, you can.  If I had an office, this would be in it. 

We Can Do Hard Things sign ($140, Barn Owl Primitives)