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Writer's Tears Whiskey

For every 100 people who introduce themselves at cocktail parties as "a writer," maybe 3 of them actually make a living doing it.  I could say I'm a writer, I guess, but I really make my living at my day job, in marketing (my fiance still likes to tell people I'm a writer because it sounds sexier, though).  

Even people who have found a way to make writing their actual profession—working at magazines and newspapers—typically end up being editors, while freelance hacks grind out the actual articles editors assign to them. Ask someone who holds an editor title what they miss the most and they'll all say, "I miss writing."  

And look, it's hard being a writer.  If you're a novelist, you have to create something from literally nothing.  If you're a reporter, you have to make people's lives and shitty quotes sound interesting and compelling.  If you're a blogger, you have to find a way to make someone click on an article about gravy boats.  It's hard.

Know a writer?  Get them this Writer's Tears Whiskey ($102, Masters of Malt) and laugh and laugh as they pretend that they didn't dream of a different life for themselves, one where their manuscript wasn't rejected by 30 different publishers.  Pour one out.  


Jazz Things Up Boom Box Bag 

While a lot of people are precious about old school forms of listening to music—record players, boom boxes, and the like—even THEY have to admit that the best invention that happened to music in the past few decades is the MP3.  Not even the iPod, but the MP3—digitized versions of songs that allow you to have your entire music library with you everywhere you go, and the ability to play it through whatever bluetooth speaker is available.

Sure, there's something quaint about carting a giant boom box to the beach and listening to 24 songs max because that's all the two cassette tape deck could handle, but you know what's better?  Carrying around a thing that's the size of a deck of cards that has 3,000 songs on it.  Basically: we're never going back to boom boxes.    

You can still give a hat tip to boom boxes (and appropriate hip hop culture while you're at it, you big phony) with this Jazz Things Up Boom Box Bag ($398, Kate Spade), which is guaranteed to get you tons of compliments while you're strolling down the street listening to music on your iPhone.

FishHunter PRO 

Back in the day, people went fishing because they needed food to live.  Somewhere along the line, though, fishing became less of a necessity for survival and more of a hobby for guys who wanted an excuse to sit on a boat with their friends all day, drinking beer and maybe reeling in a fish every now and then.  The great irony is that "going fishing" was never really about catching fish.  It was about relaxing.  Time well wasted and all of that shit.

But hayyyyy everyone—make way for the millennials who don't understand why you would do something if there's no actual pay off in the end.  Why sit on a boat all day with a line in the water, soaking in the sun and catching up with old buddies only to catch one fish when you can bring in a whole HAUL of fish and Instagram the shit out of it?  The FishHunter PRO ($137, Amazon) will help you do exactly that.  

Cast it into the water when you're fishing, pair it with the device's companion App on your phone, and get real-time sonar read-outs that will tell you exactly where dem fish at.  Bring it fishing with your father and watch him scoff at your "stupid technology" and then see the smile fade from his face when he realizes that you've caught more fish than he ever has.  TAKE THAT, DAD.     


[GIFTED] Bios Urn

You've spent years hearing your parents go back and forth about what they want to happen when they die. Your dad wants to be buried with a full traditional Mass, your less-religious mom either wants to be cremated and have her ashes thrown out to sea.  Or, if your mom is like my mom, she says, "I don't care, just throw me in a dumpster or something" (see where I get it from?).  

If someone you know is kind of "iffy" about the whole "what are we gonna do with my body" thing, here's an idea: Bios Urn ($145), which uses your ashes to help grow a tree, which is a nice way to honor the departed and continue their life after they're gone.  


[GIFTED] Wooden Sail Boat 

There are two types of boaters: staunch motorboaters (get your mind out of the gutter) and sailboat devotees.  Each maintains that their way of boating is the superior way to go at it.  Motorboaters tend to be more simple—they want to be on the water, they want to have fun, and to them, having fun doesn't involve the enormous amount of work that goes into getting a sailboat up and running (what's also not fun: spending a ton of time rolling up sails after a day of boating/drinking).

That said, sailboat purists are satisfied by the work that goes into sailing.  They feel like Captain Ahab and shit.  They love to cut the motor, head into the wind, and peacefully glide across the water.  And for those people, gift them this beautifully-crafted Wooden Sail Boat ($145, Tanner Goods) that serves as a testament that when it comes to the best things in life, you have to work for them.