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10 Adorable Chickens for the the Kitchen

Chicken — it's versatile, healthy, and likely a staple in the kitchen of any carnivore. Install a few tributes to our favorite feathered friends in your kitchen with some of these adorable (and useful!) items.  Read it on The Kitchn


Wine Dispensing Tote 

Your mom is decidedly NOT a wine snob, preferring to hobnob with the likes of Bobby Mondavi at a little place called Sutter Home.  While everyone is discussing the body and the top notes they want in their perfect glass of wine, your mother wants one thing in a wine—a lot of it. That's why she'll love to get this Wine Dispensing Tote ($130, Uncommon Goods) for Mother's Day.  It's an adorable purse to carry around, but it's always party ready with her favorite bag of Franzia embedded in the bottom with a quick-pour spout.  


Awesome Mother's Day Gifts Under $100

Your mother gave birth to you.  Your mother bathed, clothed and fed you when you were young.  Your mother lied and told you that you were beautiful when you were going through your awkward stage (one that lasted YEARS, making it an especially hard pretense for her to keep up) and put up with you during your insolent teenage years.  Your mother stayed up late at night worrying about you stumbling around your college campus like a drunk idiot and has spent hours scouring your social media posts looking for clues on your whereabouts when you refuse to answer her phone calls.

What could you possibly buy for this woman?  If it’s not a million dollar check, it’s not going to even come close to being enough.  This Mother’s Day, you can acknowledge that (she already has—she’s just excited that you’re a semi-functioning adult that doesn’t have a negative balance in their bank account).  Just get her something that you know she’ll like and actually use.  We’ve rounded up 12 of our favorite picks, all under $100 (if nothing will ever be good enough, it’s better to just keep it cheap, right?).  Read it on Parade


Rad American Women A to Z

Listen up, nasty women—I know everything feels horrible right now and you vascillate between wanting to burn down a building or curl up into a ball and cry but buck up.  In times like these, it's important to remember that shit was always kind of shitty. In WWII, people couldn't eat sugar because of a little thing called RATIONING. Imagine being on a restrictive diet not because it's fashionable, but because the government was forcing you. I'm confident we now live in a society where there would be mass riots if someone tried to take away our soda pop, so progress, right?

Take inspiration from the past for use in the future via Rad American Women A to Z ($10, Amazon), which features 26 stories of amazing women who basically said, "fuck this shit" and did something amazing. It's the perfect gift for your daughter or for your ultra-conservative brother-in-law's kid. The future is female.  


10 Cute Finds for Hard-Core Egg Lovers

Almost everyone likes eggs — they're an easy breakfast and a good source of protein — but there are certain people who love eggs. These people firmly believe that everything (literally everything) is better with an egg on top. Is that you?  For all the huevo devotees out there, we've rounded up 10 eccentric, egg-centric finds. Each one will either put those egg-loving ways on display for all to see, or help make the egg-eating process easier and way more fun. Read it on The Kitchn