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My 5 Best Gifts: Megan Biram of Mimi+Meg

Let's face it: giving the perfect gift to someone is like standing on top of a mountain and shouting, "HEY EVERYONE, I'M NOT AN EMOTIONAL CRIPPLE!"   

My 5 Best Gifts is a recurring feature that asks people to give up the goods on the best gifts they've given or received. 

Megan Biram is the brains behind Mimi+Meg, an awesome design-y, fashion-y, art-y blog that always has stunningly beautiful images to look at.     

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[YOU'RE WELCOME] Grad Gifts for the Future of America

High school graduations have been happening throughout the past few weeks, and you know what that means: you will spend an enormous amount of time sitting in other people's backyards at graduation parties, feeling the enthusiasm and anxiety radiating from all of the drunk 18-year-olds that you're surrounded by.

They're so excited for their future! 

It's cute, right?  The last time you got that excited was when you bought new pillow shams.  And then you realized how pathetic it is that you're so boring that something like pillow shams can really get you going.

"How did my life turn out like this?" you think, bitterly, as you watch people obscenely younger and thinner than you smile and laugh and look forward to the future. 

What do you have to look forward to?  Filing your taxes?  More new pillow shams?  Turning 40?  DYING? 

Perhaps the best gift you can give to someone going off to college is to not break down in the middle of their party crying.  Definitely don't scream "WHATEVER YOU DO, JUST DON'T GRADUATE EVER" in between sobs, either.   

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[RECAP] Million Dollar Decorators: Episode 5

Last week, Martyn put a bunch of shoes in a glass case and called it decorating, Mary didn't listen to her client again, Jeffrey threw a birthday party for Ross and took 5 hours to make a tart, and Kathryn continued to plug her Hoarders spin-off starring crazy Shannon Factor.

This week, Martyn redesigns Daisy Fuentes' living room, Nathan throws an Indian-themed party, Kathryn looks like the bird lady from Home Alone 2, and Jeffrey and Ross fight/bathe together.

Here we go.

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[GIFTED] Shane Powers Hanging Glass Bubbles

Hey everyone, remember The Secret Garden and what a creepy-ass movie it was?  A crippled kid with a hunchback?  An insolent orphan child?  A moustachioed uncle?  Parents killed in an elephant stampede?  MAGGIE SMITH?! 

What a family-friendly movie that was.  

Help your loved ones create their own equally creepy version of The Secret Garden with these Shane Powers Hanging Glass Bubbles ($9-24).


[GIFTED] 7 Deadly Sins Glasses

Let's take a moment to consider the Seven Deadly Sins: lust, greed, gluttony, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride.

Let's break it down: Have you ever had a sexual thought?  LUST.  Have you ever wanted your stupid job to pay you more money?  GREED.  Have you ever eaten a Double Down from KFC?  GLUTTONY.  Have you ever watched six episodes of Law & Order: SVU in one sitting?  SLOTH.  Have you ever yelled at anyone ever?  WRATH.  Have you ever been jealous of someone giving your girlfriend/boyfriend some extra "attention"?  ENVY.  Have you ever attended a gay pride parade?  PRIDE.  

Good news!  We're all going to hell, because all of those things are the common spectrum of human emotion.  We might as well get drunk or something.  These 7 Deadly Sins Glasses ($72, Uncommon Goods) serve as a reminder of all of the fun ways you're damning yourself for eternity.