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15 Father's Day Gifts Under $100 

Whether you’re buying your dear old dad a Father’s Day gift or buying something for your husband and saying it’s from “the kids” (it’s not—you know darn well your kids don’t have any money or taste), it’s still hard to actually pin down what to get the guy.

For Mother’s Day, if you’re straight up out of ideas, you can always default to a bouquet of flowers and brunch, but with Father’s Day, it’s more difficult.  He doesn’t want flowers, and he thinks spending $15 for an egg dish is ridiculous. So what do you get the guy who expects any gifts you get him to be useful (flowers are decidedly in the “not useful” category as far as he’s concerned).  Never fear—we’ve rounded up 15 awesome Father’s Day gifts that dads will love, all under $100.  Read it on Parade


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