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FishHunter PRO 

Back in the day, people went fishing because they needed food to live.  Somewhere along the line, though, fishing became less of a necessity for survival and more of a hobby for guys who wanted an excuse to sit on a boat with their friends all day, drinking beer and maybe reeling in a fish every now and then.  The great irony is that "going fishing" was never really about catching fish.  It was about relaxing.  Time well wasted and all of that shit.

But hayyyyy everyone—make way for the millennials who don't understand why you would do something if there's no actual pay off in the end.  Why sit on a boat all day with a line in the water, soaking in the sun and catching up with old buddies only to catch one fish when you can bring in a whole HAUL of fish and Instagram the shit out of it?  The FishHunter PRO ($137, Amazon) will help you do exactly that.  

Cast it into the water when you're fishing, pair it with the device's companion App on your phone, and get real-time sonar read-outs that will tell you exactly where dem fish at.  Bring it fishing with your father and watch him scoff at your "stupid technology" and then see the smile fade from his face when he realizes that you've caught more fish than he ever has.  TAKE THAT, DAD.     

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