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[GIFTED] Grid Foam Rollers

No pain, no gain is a often-repeated axiom in the fitness world and your gym rat friend is someone who believes in it whole-heartedly. You roll over at 10am on Saturday, check Instagram, and see that he's already posted about his early morning workout (either a picture of his feet outside or a selfie in the gym mirror). You check Facebook that night and you see that he's posted 13 fitness-related memes throughout the day that are a mix of encouragement, braggadociousness, and judgement. See enough of them and you HOPE he's in pain.

Whatever, whatever, whatever, though. GOOD FOR HIM. If he's working out constantly, he's likely going to be sore a lot of the time, and that's why he swears by foam rollers to help get the kinks out. These Grid Foam Rollers ($65, Trigger Point) are supposed to be the best foam rollers out there, looking less like a pool noodle and more like a genuine piece of workout equipment. The 3D surface is designed to replicate the feeling of a massage therapist's hands, which is good, because massage therapist's hands are expensive.

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