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[GIFTED] Unicorn Tears Gin 

There are people in the world who are completely obsessed with unicorns, likely because they're narcissists who equate the unicorn's mystique and uniqueness with themselves.  Or, they were just really obsessed with The Last Unicorn when they were little. REGARDLESS, your friend is either super self-involved or just plain weird, and boy, do we have a perfect gift for that type of person: Unicorn Tears Gin ($57, Firebox).

Full disclosure: it's basically Goldschlager (if you recall your college days when you drank too much of it and became THE GIRL WITH THE GOLDEN PUKE), but instead of flecks of gold, it's got flecks of silver, which will definitely NOT do damage as they're working their way through your insides.  Enjoy, and may your hangover be as special as a real unicorn! 

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