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[GIFTED] Vacation Sweatshirt

There's piles of research that shows that the cure to what ails most people is very simple: a goddamned vacation.  Feeling restless?  Vacation.  Feeling stressed?  Vacation.  Feeling tired and overworked?  Vacation. Feeling like you're frittering away your youth in an office?  Vacation—one where you spend 80% of it outside.

Since vacation is almost always the right answer, it'll be good to invest in this Vacation Sweatshirt ($62, ILY Couture).  Think of all of the Instagrammable moments you'll have while wearing this—on the plane, having a cocktail on the balcony of your hotel room, and every other douchey pose you can think of to make your non-vacationing friends green with envy.   

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