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Jazz Things Up Boom Box Bag 

While a lot of people are precious about old school forms of listening to music—record players, boom boxes, and the like—even THEY have to admit that the best invention that happened to music in the past few decades is the MP3.  Not even the iPod, but the MP3—digitized versions of songs that allow you to have your entire music library with you everywhere you go, and the ability to play it through whatever bluetooth speaker is available.

Sure, there's something quaint about carting a giant boom box to the beach and listening to 24 songs max because that's all the two cassette tape deck could handle, but you know what's better?  Carrying around a thing that's the size of a deck of cards that has 3,000 songs on it.  Basically: we're never going back to boom boxes.    

You can still give a hat tip to boom boxes (and appropriate hip hop culture while you're at it, you big phony) with this Jazz Things Up Boom Box Bag ($398, Kate Spade), which is guaranteed to get you tons of compliments while you're strolling down the street listening to music on your iPhone.

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