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Partnership Opportunities

Despite the fact that I hate the word "partner" because it makes me feel like a cowboy, I do want to be your partner.  Let's collaborate!  There are a bunch of ways to do it:

Product Reviews

So, you've got a product that you think I would love and you want me to feature it on You're Welcome (snarky commentary and all)?  Let me tell you something: that will not be a problem.

I'm always on the look-out for new products, whether it's a snarky card, a lesbian chic sweater (I'm kidding about "lesbian chic." Okay, not really), fun desk accessories, kitchen stuff, and anything in between.  I'm interested in it all, whether you're from a larger company cranking out stuff on an assembly line, or if you make your products by hand in your tiny apartment and sell them on Etsy.

While I can't guarantee a positive review, if I like it, you're as good as gold.  Email me


Everyone loves to get something for free, right?  That's especially true for You're Welcome readers. They're a bunch of greedy jerks.   

You're Welcome Giveaways will be promoted in a blog post, as well as via You're Welcome's Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, meaning that you will get a helluva a lot of promotion.  You're Welcome will work with larger companies, e-commerce sites, or individual artists.   

Items for the giveaways are subject to approval, because no one wants a crocheted tea cozy and no one wants to read about it, either. Email me if you think you (and your products) can pass muster.

Custom Gift Guide Curation

So you love my writing and you're all like, "I want this jerk to write about MY products!" 

Never fear!  I can lend out the You're Welcome treatment to your products on your company's blog (because everyone has a blog nowadays, right?).  If you're an e-commerce site, I can curate custom gift guides using only your products; if you make one product really well, I can write about why it's so awesome.  I will only take on writing content for products, businesses, and shops that I like and would purchase for myself.  

Custom curated content will be cross-promoted on You're Welcome as a blog post, as well as all of our social media outlets.  Email me for rates.

Sponsored Gift Guide

Getting the word out about your product or brand has never been easier than via a Gift Guide Sponsorship.  Gift Guides are by far the most popular content on You're Welcome—they're the ones that get the most traffic and spurn the most interactions on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.  I'm going to throw down and say that they're also the funniest (who am I throwing down to?  NO ONE). 

So, whether you're a company that specializes in particularly manly products and you want to sponsor the Father's Day gift guide, or you're a grill company who wants to sponsor a BBQ gift guide, there's a ton of opportunities. Email me for an editorial calendar and more information regarding rates.